Original version by Bethany Potts

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Let it grow
The lights grow bright in the city tonight
not a bearded man to be seen
A kingdom of shaved faces and it looks like you're thirteen
your face is growing the beard you've tried to hide
just couldn't keep it in, heaven knows you've tried you've tried

Don't let it grow don't let them see
the bearded man that you can be
behave and shave don't let it grow yet it grows

Let it grow let it grow
Don't shave it off anymore
Let it grow let it grow
Throw your razor out the door
I don't care if it's patchy or strange let the beard grow on
The itch will eventually go away

It's funny how some people force shaving on them all
and every man must shave his beard and watch his whiskers fall
It's true they try to look young and fake us all
but we know there's a beard trying to break past the wall

It's time to see what you can do to have your beard and grow it too
No nicks no cuts no razor blades don't shave

Let it grow let it grow
the naked face is a lie
let it grow let it grow
If you shave it off I'll cry
Please oh pleas grow your beard for me
let your beard grow on the itch will eventually go away

The beard protects you from the sun and from the cold
It looks good while you're young and even better when you're old
Don't give another thought to that old that old razor blade
Don't ever shave it off Throw that razor blade away

Let it grow Let it grow
it's been there all along
Let it grow Let it grow
let the naked chin be gone
I don't care what the world might say
Let it grow let it grow let it grow


19 thoughts on “The Beard Video Let it Grow Parody

  1. I’m sorry but beards just make you look old. Just can’t get used to them. Maybe if they are shorter and trimmed, but straggly ones are not attractive. Paul looked younger without a beard. Just saying…. šŸ™‚ but we still love you..

    • I think that’s a big part about not having beards is looking younger. Think about it – the beard isn’t there as a boy and doesn’t come in until old enough. It’s a symbol of manhood.Ā 

    • +Beautiful in Yah Ministries
      I don’t think manhood should be based on physical aspects or criteria. A true symbol of manhood should be peace and wisdom.

    • Beards make one look manly, not like a lil boy…. How can one look old when half of fave is covered with beard…. let it grow to your best ability….. shalom

  2. Who said men are support to shave? Men, come out the box of shaving off such masculinity.Ā  Bold face men look too soft. Come on real men, grow your beard, ya.

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