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Are the end times upon us? What does being "born again" really mean? Have we completely misunderstood the Book of The Revelation? What exactly does prophecy mean?

Get the TRUTH of what is just around the corner as Michael Rood presents episode 4 of “10 Jubilees to the End Time Messianic Age” — "The Beginning of The End!"

Before you watch this series… ask yourself if you are ready to accept that the next year could start the clock on an unstoppable timeline to the end of days:

“Were you not born for such a time as this — or are you just an extra on the set?”

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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5 thoughts on “The Beginning of The End (Episode 4)

  1. I was listening and what caught my attention was the snare that will be set and Christians will betray one another to death. If it was preached to them that they will be raptured before anything bad happens and all of a sudden Jesus words will come to pass that the whole world will hate them and they will be taken hostage and going to jail and being killed and they will be asked to give up their brothers and sisters to be killed they will do it. Imagine them feeling betrayed by Jesus and that he did not come to rapture them so they will give up and betray their brothers and sisters and give them up to stay alive. It happened before in USSR. When people would betray one another to not be killed for faith.

  2. Good job Rood
    I think this betrayal will happen in school, it will seem very innocent, they’ll ask children who reads the bible in your family, who keeps the Sabbath day. and they’ll make it a fun thing for kids to do, then take that info and arrest you, send you for reeducation or orderly disposal.

  3. I will have to do some sleuthing on the statue of Zeus that was supposed to have been taken to Rome from Jerusalem. I would assume it disappeared when Rome fell, if it had not been completely destroyed by Constantine before that date, which is my hunch. There is a very large marble bust of Zeus in the Vatican now, that was found in Italy in the 1800s. The statue shown here in St Peter’s Basilica is supposed to be Peter (holding the keys of the kingdom, and doing that hand sign that “Salvatore Mundi” had been doing), this statue was done by Arnolfo di Cambio, c.1300. Traditional statues of Zeus had his arms outstretched in either direction, or holding lightening bolts, sometimes with stars in his hair. There was a 43′ high statue of him at Olympia, Greece, one of the ‘7 wonders of the ancient world’, that was made about 400 BC. The Olympic Games were discontinued before the year 400 ad, having begun in 776 BC. There is a nicer looking statue of Peter in the Vatican Square, holding the keys in his right hand and a scroll in the left. Peter and Paul are both supposed to be buried in what is now the basement of the Vatican.

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