Some nuts are healthier than others. He is the answer to the best one to consume.

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21 thoughts on “The Best Nuts To Consume

  1. For the past year or two I’ve been alternating between pumpkin seeds and Singaporean peanuts for breakfast but as soon as I sell my monastery (and therefore have cash to spare) I’ll be lashing-out on a larger variety of seeds and nuts, even cashews and macadamias, which are rather expensive.

  2. im addicted to the stuff cashew and almonds the most… I like them raw… but so fattening…. ty this was helpful can you recommend easy cookbooks and easy shopping for noobs?

  3. At 8 min 37 u remind me of a statement of the prophet mohammed peace be upon him. “There is no vessel which the son of Adam can fill that is more evil than his stomach,Indeed this creates allof of diseases. The most complete nut is pecan then walnuts (regarding the nutrition value) But as it is known in alternative medicine we don’t only look at whats in them but also to what it does to the body and around what time it’s eaten en wich type of people should eat it and witch not etc etc. Keep up the good work.I’m specialized in Islamic medicine if some 1 whant’s a different vieuw or some staments from arab/muslim docters from the past let me know. Have a great day PEACE

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