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  1. I love raw vegan, when I can make it happen, and mindfully cooked vegan if I have to… I also believe that any sugar not found naturally in foods (including maple and agave) are not healthy in any way and should be cut out so the bad bacteria that live off such a nervous system damaging glycemic substance cannot live in you is important.

    I also subscribe to the idea of low-lectin living, as popularised by Dr. Steven Gundry, who argues that certain plants produce a protein as a defense mechanism that is supposed to deter anything from preying on it.

    People are gluten free without realizing that gluten is a lectin. That same protein that causes inflammation, which in-turn is the cause of many phsyical and mental diseases.

    I believe many food allergies are caused by lectins.

    Yes, raw vegan is amazing, but should we really be eating anything derived from the deadly nightshade plant? (I.e. tomatoes, bell peppers and any other pepper, potatoes, eggplants, ect.)

    Is it possible to have a more whole view and understanding of health as it pertains to raw vegan? I believe so.

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