The best way to detox from prescription Drugs

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8 thoughts on “The best way to detox from prescription Drugs

  1. Often yes they are perscribing them and then putting them on methadone to get them off pain pills then they are on methadone for life. We must go Herbal most meds are synthectics of natural cures.

  2. I had neck surgery and was on 2 years for injuries and they said I would be on for life. I git off of them as soon as they said no cure. I looked for the cure and it lead me to a rasta man and a Shaman who happened to be very torah based and then I learned and became of the belief that יהוה can make all things new and heal me. So I stopped taking the meds and asked for The Creator to help and to heal. And day by day I am clean and healing and the doctors have never seen anything like it HalleluYah. And the Diet is the key. What you put in is what you get out.

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