This video is about a common disease talked about in the Bible and how it is to be dealt with. The name of the disease is called tzara'at.

Not too many people know about tzara'at because sadly not that many people read their Bible. The principals about dealing with every disease are the same as discussed in this video. So it is important you check it out.


10 thoughts on “The Bible and Disease

  1. I am not blaming anyone for anything, the Scriptures speak for themselves. And yes it is very helpful for people to hear Scripture.

  2. All illness is due to sin. I don’t think that means if a person gets sick that it’s becuase they sinned, but in a world free of sin, there would also be no sickness. Jesus/Yeshua was asked by his disciples “who sinned, this man(the blind man) or his parents that he should be blind.” And Jesus responded, “neither, but this happened that the power of God might be displayed in his life.” John 9

  3. Question? I have kidney disease and it keeps getting worse and worse,, do you have any suggestions? I need help NOW…..and I am beginning to get scared.

  4. Don’t get scared! I was healed from glaucoma and a mass on my left breast disappeared and all happenned at the same time. I was worshipping for about 45 minutes and been thankful for my life and I quoted “i will look up to the hills from where my help comes from …my help comes from the Lord creator of heaven and earth” than I started again singing and again quoting that same verse. I am completely healed. HE promised that if we cry out for HIM in despair that HE will HEAR and Pull u out.

  5. Make sure you speak outloud forgivness to everyone who have hurt you, and don’t hold on to grudges, but release and ask forgiveness for any transgression even if you can recall ask HIM to cleans you from all unrigtheousness. I do that everyday to keep healthy. Sometimes healing comes immediately and sometimes you will wake up healled. HE is merciful and Holy.

  6. Amen! What about when folks eat poor foods are overweight and get sick with disease – would this be considered a curse for their actions of not treating their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit?…

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