25 thoughts on “The Big Picture & How to pronounce ‘Torah’

  1. one of the greatest visions that GOD is allowing humble servants. Thank you all for being so faithful. Amazing FRUIT!!    thank you Lord!

  2. Well, I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty EXCITED! I’m so glad that this project just keeps growing and its amazing to see the fruits of your guys gifts that God has given you. You inspire me to want to make something similar to this one day! I love art and i feel it is one of the best ways to depict the Bible. Keep up the great work guys! Just wondering, what credentials do you guys have? Do any of you have master degrees or anything? Not a big deal just wanted to know what kind of professionals we got 😉

  3. Praise God, wow u guys are doing amazing work, ur videos make me understand Bible and God’s love more n more. If a person doesn’t knows Bible then that person ought to watch d videos 🙂 thank u

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