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Join Scott Laird and Dr. Charles Thurston, a boarded ER Doctor with over 40 years of medical experience with a degree in Science and Evolution. Dr. Thurston believes there is evidence in our Bible for all things that exist in our universe.

The body of the Lord is represented in the Tabernacle. It's the body laid down. If you have a brief overview of the Tabernacle as a bunch of gold boards, that's not the Tabernacle. Underneath the tent is four colors of scarlet, blue, white and purple. Those happen to be the same colors of the robes applied to Jesus during his trial and crucifixion. It's also the colors in the veil.

When Jesus was in the temple, he referred to the way into the courtyard as "I am the way". And in the veil that went into the holy places, "I am the truth', as when you examined yourself in the laver. And "I am the life", the ultimate veil that was rent in twain when his life ended. He sacrificed himself and opened up our access to the holy place. Join us for this week's exciting and informative episode!

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