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    • Not necessarily. I believe that most people fail of the grace of God through idolatry. That is, they reject what God reveals of Himself, preferring “another Jesus” (2Co 11:4, Gal 1:6-9). This is spiritual harlotry—idolatry. In this way many trust in Jesus without believing Him, just as the Jews did with Moses (John 5:45-47). To be sure, we have a student-teacher relationship with Jesus, which means that we are continually learning. To allow the Holy Spirit to teach us that we have believed incorrectly heretofore is simply to be His student. But if we reject what He has genuinely revealed to us for whatever reason—a theology we are more comfortable with, the fellowship of Christians we love, the communal standing orthodoxy gives us, etc.—then I believe we are in real danger.

      Respectfully, Jessica, it seems like you keep making assumptions about my beliefs (“you think we are going to lose our salvation”, “so you don’t agree with the part where it says Jesus is God’s son”, etc.). May I ask why? There are plenty of things we can discuss without inventing holes in my understanding. Maybe you could explain, in your own words, your understanding of the trinity and why you believe it. Or maybe you could address some of my statements specifically. Or maybe you could quote Scripture and say, “What about this.” But perhaps it is just your way of probing out what I believe. If so, that is fine. Carry on. 🙂

    • If you do not believe that the Son is another person in the Godhead, then in my opinion that is very good! You do not believe orthodox trinitarianism. As a matter of fact, I have heard people who called themselves trinitarian explain the godhead by calling the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit “manifestations” of the same God—which is exactly what I believe!

    • Jessica Raj extremely difficult for me! Even as I can explain the Trinity better than most who actually believe in it. This is a complex topic so let’s go slow. What I see is a Loving Farther speaking to his Loving Son and likewise the Son speaking to his Farther! For me to view them as one and the same, really distorts the message. Birds beget birds and humans beget human, God begot God. As I see there are two Gods, God Almighty the Farther whom Begot God the Son Jesus Christ the Messiah. In the Beginning God spoke and all creation came to be, we come to find the Logos, or that Jesus Christ is the Word. All things were created through Christ for the glory of God the Farther. Can you see it? God bless!!!

    • Jesus is the “manifestation”, the “declaration”, the “shewing” of the Father. He is not a different person, nor a different God, but the same person in a different form. The reason people get confused is because Jesus is not like a video game avatar or a robot. He is the person of God as a man. Not just “robed in flesh”, but “made” flesh. The Word actually became human. He has life in Himself, just like the Father does (John 5:26).

      If Jesus did not have to pray, then He would not be in all things made like unto His brethren (Heb 2:17). If Jesus could not say things like, “I go to my God” (John 20:17), then we could not fully relate to Him, and we could not see what God would be if He were a man, because having a God is a fundamental principle of human existence. Aside from that, if Jesus were like a video game avatar that the Father controlled (or God the Son controlled, for that matter, if there were such a thing), then He would be this image of God that we had to interact with because we could not interact with the real thing. But because Jesus the man has life in Himself, we can interact with the real thing! He is actually God as a real human being! It’s like the age-old question, “Did God die on the cross?” The answer is, yes and no. On one hand, God the Father cannot die. On the other hand, I can say that my God died for me because Jesus was God the Father as a man, and every step Jesus made from birth to the cross was showing what God would do if He were a man—and He WAS a man in Jesus Christ. I believe it is just as important to see that God made Himself a man as it is to see that the man Jesus was God. One shows the love of God in that He went that far to have a relationship with us. The other shows that Jesus really is the Alpha to Omega deity. He is the name above all names that are named, in Heaven or in Earth.

      Fact: if we just stuck to what the Bible says, we would not have the doctrine of the trinity. It is a bottomless pit: a doctrine with no foundation. Man has adopted it as their “best explanation” of the godhead, but:

      Deu 29:29 KJV  The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever…

      To the Word, ye sons of God! Let’s stop believing our dogmas over the Bible! What saith the Scripture?

    • because doing so will require ads to pop up from time to time which destroys the momentum of the vids. PLUS, you can’t expect the money to be consistent. We have to remember they have paid staff and thus have quarterly budgets. Setting a budget and announcing how much they have been funded is important in getting that magic number as opposed to erratic numbers Youtube partners get.

    • I think it is because of the Biblical point of view. They sincerely offering us a chance to be a part of their project by directly participating to it through donations coming from your own heart’s desire. Not the physical project itself but the purpose of it in the great commission that Jesus gives to us as a part of building God’s kingdom in this world. And there’s one thing to take notice. Sometimes turning ON the function of monetizing will make others specially the unbelievers to doubt the sincerity of offering us to be a part of their project. There’s nothing to worry about money. God will provide the needs of the creators of this bible project for the sole purpose of doing it for God’s kingdom.

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