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    • xDishonorable
      yes I did not read your comment because I wasn’t replying to it. I’m an atheist and was replying to what the other guy said. the Big Bang Theory doesn’t say anything about what happened before, the evidence that we have only tells us about what happened after.I think we’re saying the same point

    • xDishonorable I am a sinner day and night but the blood of Jesus Christ is sufficient enough for me and you I tell this that every knew shall bow and every eye shall see the Son of God if either of you who like to discuss world history and see that there is God reply when ever you get the chance and if God wills it I’ll be happy to respond P.S life is better for us all if we believe but Jesus die also for those who don’t as well he didn’t die for re religion he died for all of us who would be dead without his death don’t take what I’m saying as oh you don’t understand hahaha take what I’m saying as an invitation to discuss with somebody prayerfully God has given understanding Christ Jesus

    • Nah, I’ve seen a lot of DarkMatter’s videos even when I wasn’t Christian and they are not as good as these ones. He’s an angry Atheist/Anti-theists making topical videos that have an obvious agenda and lack of research in many cases. For example his idea of God is messed up, he purposely depicts the trinity like 3 persons having differing opinions when that is not the case. He blasphemes constantly by making an angel have more brains than God, and he goes out of his way to add to what the Bible says to make God look like a maniac.

      So no I don’t like DarkMatter’s videos at all, TBP’s videos are much better? They stick to the Bible and tell the story as it is written while adding illustrations. They make topical videos which are amazing and very educated as well. And just by their views anyone can understand that their quality is superior and more consistent.
      God bless.

    • Destynation Y ….you are completely entitled to your opinion. I will agree that The Bible Project’s animations are impressive. Quality doesn’t equate to truth in reality though.

  1. Good Video, but this is not how God deals with Christians today.  Job is believed to be the oldest book in the Bible: after the flood, and before the 10 Commandments, maybe even before Abraham.  My point is: Job was not a Christian, he had no redemption.  Jesus told us in Mark 11:23 that we will have what we say if we believe in our heart and do not doubt.  Job offered sacrifices for his children fearing they sinned and cursed God, and he said it (Job 1:5).  So he spoke it, believed it, and he acted on his beliefs.  However, Job didn’t know God.  He only had an idea of who He was, and his idea of God was wrong.  Job 42:5, he told God that before, I had only heard of you, but now I see you with my eye.  Then he repented (changed his mind, or changed his way of thinking of who and what God is), which we are all called to do, then God blessed him.  Job was blessed before, even with a wrong view of God, but when He got a better understanding of God, he was blessed even more.  God is such a giver, He’s such a blesser. Most people don’t see these blessings from God, because of their wrong view of who God is.  And Ironically, they use Job as the reason for believing God allows them to be “tested” in the same ways as Job.  They actually use Job”s  “though He destroys me, I will praise Him” to thank God for the destruction coming on their lives.  Yeah!!!  He said that because he didn’t know what he was talking about which is why he repented in 42:5-6.  I just wish Christians knew how awesome God is: He’s not out to still, kill, and destroy us.  He loves us.  He is a good Father.  I’ve even heard Atheist say they couldn’t worship the god in Job.  Technically, God didn’t allow all that happened to Job: Job did, because he lived in fear, and instead of faith.  Job didn’t have it, but now he does.

    • +shefro1 hey, I read thru some of the link you posted–good stuff. A bible study would be awesome. Most of the people I know don’t believe the same way I do. I love to challenge them, but if I’m not talking over their head, I’m some how making them offensive.

    • +shefro1 oh, and one more thing. Job was living in fear and his sacrifices were done out of that fear. It was a fear for what his children were doing against God. Take a look at Job 3:24-26.

    • Rand Sollie I agree, Job feared the Lord. I think I’m still searching for what “fear the Lord” fully means. Having a mature friend or group to pray and discuss the Bible and spiritual life with is so important for growth!

    • shefro1 yes, but when you study white people, if they try to make you “fear” an angry God, get out of there. He’s not angry, and He swore on oath He wouldn’t be angry. Isaiah 54:9-10. and as far as fearing the Lord goes, look at Jeremiah 33:9 where it says we will fear and trimble for the good He does. also, the woman who had the issue of bleeding for 12 years, she fear and trembled for the good that happened to her. Start studying with the bases of How much He loves us, and how good He is.

    • *From your current standpoint, yes, but believing in God but refusing to
      believe what he says is like acknowledging someone (hypothetical) is a world-class physicist but fail to believe anything they tell you about
      math or science.

      A physicists discoveries can be tested though. We can test that light travels at 3*10^8 meters per second. How do you test whether something is evil? Reality is objective, morality isn’t.

    • I only trust someone I know to be an expert if their findings can be replicated. They need evidence to support their assertions. How do you prove that homosexuality is evil using evidence?

    • Nervix709 In that note, how do you prove anything is good/evil using evidence? Morality is not a science. Lemme ask another question: do you believe in absolute truth? That there are some things which have always been and will always be true (and also false)?

    • Eddy Ndungu
      Sure. Light will always travel at 3* 10^8 meters per second. But when all life is gone from the universe, morality will cease to exist, as there will exist no life to propagate it. Therefore, morality can’t be an objective part of the universe. If your God is going to define something as evil, he will have to explain his reasoning before I do the same.

    • Kammy Jay I would say this is a spirit of error. The Bible teaches us to not believe every spirit, but try the spirits to see if they are of God. Based on the false information in these videos, this would be a spirit of error. I would have each of you read the Word of God for yourselves and pray for understanding.

    • Yea, i’ve noticed a lot of errors in their videos. Could be that their understanding was just off, because I’m sure there was a time when you yourselves (as well as myself) had a slight misunderstanding of what we read in the bible. They got some things wrong but this does not mean that they are not Christians (and it does not mean that they are). But yes i agree with you, it is so important to read the Word of God for yourselves….but in actuality, they are not teaching, they are simply doing an overview to spark an interest in reading what they have briefly covered. If you ever read the comments, the debates about the errors in the videos enlightens a lot of people to study and find the corrections…so i guess there’s a good in all these videos. God bless you though brother. Keep standing up for truth.

  2. You didn’t do justice to this story! I even got the feeling that you are not a christian at all!! When i read Job’s story in the bible, its so touching and easily understandable why God did that to Job. He just tested Job’s faithfulness and then rewarded him double for everything that Job lost. He also showed to Satan- the devil, that a human is capable of truly loving God without any interest.The faithfulness of Job to God is supposed to teach us that no matter what comes in our lives, if we love and trust God he will never abandon us. In the deepest darkness his light will shine through and if we truly love him and stay faithful to him in good and bad times, he will give us everything we need to be happy. Like Job said: ” Naked i came from my mother’s womb and naked i shall return there, the LORD gave and the LORD has taken away, blessed be the name of the LORD. Everything we have comes from God,thanks to his grace, and when we lose something/someone we must not blame him. ”If God can take away something you never expected losing, he can replace it with something you never imagined having.” What kind of message are you trying to send with your deformed version of this story?!!!

    • +Jimmy David, your analogy doesn’t work. It ignores sin, condemnation, punishment, grace, and forgiveness. Your assumption is that without God’s grace a person is still entitled to a basic standard of living, which is taken from them when they are stricken and afflicted. The reality is due to sin, death and hell are the deserving point, and anything above that is some amount of grace. In God’s economy, the living are no more worthy than to have died in the womb than everyone else who did die in the womb, which is why we are supposed to be thankful for even the least of our daily needs, such as water, and why we are not supposed to be bitter when things are less than perfect. Good health is a blessing and privilege by the grace of God, and when he removes that hedge of protection, and allows other things including other individuals to impact it, then he has done nothing wrong, he has simply taken away the blessing that was undeserved in the first place of a condemned (or once condemned for the saved) individual. This is why Job keeps complaining that God should have let him die in the womb, because he knows God could end his life at any moment, because he sees no reason for why God is letting him live. Job is unaware that Satan is the one afflicting him, but despite all Job recognizes throughout the book that God has no respect of man, and gives and removes blessings from all people according to God’s will. Job is only convicted by Elihu and God at the end for speaking words that lacked wisdom.

    • I am not even Christian (in the sense you would define it) and I agree with Bel Ina this video did nothing to clarify the story of Job – after watching I was really confused about everything that I had read about Job in the past until I read this post by Bel Ina.

    • MrTellyBelly I’m really glad I could help but please for everything read the bible. Only there you can always find the absolute truth. God bless your way 😊

    • Shiol is the place people would stay after they died before Christ came . After Christ resurection He would preach to people there . This is what I tought it is but if they didnt go to Shiol they whent probobly to Heaven if they were faithful to God .

    • Eric Chan at that moment, God is the one who decide if he/she is worthy or not to come to heaven and as we know the baby did take part on God’s plan that affect the humanity (i mean if he didn’t die, Job would br just a normal people and we wont know his legacy) sooo… nah it is what i said, the real answer of your question is still God and only God Himself that know it.. so ask Him

    • Andromeda Prima well, God doesn’t seem to exist, else everyone would ask god directly. His non existence seems to be born out by the fact that only his followers are the one’s arguing on it’s behalf. If God existed, no one would need to argue for him because he would step up and argue his own case – as with Job?

    • Agree, you just have to rely on the love and grace of God, because there are really times you will have a weak faith. This also happened to Job. But still in spite of our imperfections, God still loves us and will still give to us his very perfect purpose.

  3. My question is , if god is all-knowing, why did he had to do all of these bad things to Job, if he alredy knew what was going to happen . I don’t know is it just me, or is it just stupid…

    • Claris Montique I’m not calling any religion a terrorist, I’m saying that there’s a religion that do believe in evil and yet you calling the god I believe in evil

    • Again if I come across a satan worshiper video that people are regularly promoting as truth, I will call them out on that

      There’s a difference between foreshadowing and prophecy; do you think the writers of the new testament did not have access to the old one to fit the Jesus character into their narrative?

      God’s prophecies did not have to happen in a way that leave basically millions of people needlessly dead, otherwise he is actually not all powerful. Christ is known as a heinous figure by some nowadays; you do realize that right?

      Oh so it’s worth killing dozens of people including children to make an example of why we should follow God, instead of us taking his omniscient word for it and accepting it. God, according to the bible, uses people as pawns and it is honestly sickening.

      The Job story would have the same impact on believers if nobody died. Death is completely unecessary, and it just goes to show how barbaric the writers actually are; for crying out loud children with which Job was supposed to have a loving relationship with died. You think you can just replace your dead child with more children like they’re some kind of toy that you replace whenever it breaks?

  4. Hold on one cotton-pickin’ minute. First of all, for a “Bible Project”, you guys sure like to leave a lot out. God believed that Job was so strong in his faith that he could withstand a test, He had so much faith in Job that when Satan said “I bet I can make one of your most devout believers hate you if I make bad things happen to him”, God said “Go ahead. I know he will trust in me and do the right thing.” God never gives us more than we can handle. The book of Job is a lot of symbolism of how our faith works in today’s world and an example that humans don’t really change. Just like Job we will be on the mountain top of our faith one day, and then the next we find ourselves in the valley. But the difference lies in that we are not alone. God rewarded Job in the end because he was faithful, God wants the best for us period. Trials come and go, but He is forever. And this is an example of what is to come for us Christians, we will find ourselves in the valley and be in despair, but we must remember that this is not all there is and the valley is not forever. God’s plan for us is greater than we can even imagine, and you may need to have some bad times in order to appreciate and truly feel the good. It’s a little discouraging how falseley this was interpreted and set up. Stay strong my siblings in Christ, and be strong in your faith so that you won’t be swayed by false prophets and deceit.

    • Lude Crestfallen Ah, I’m glad you are strong on your stance. It is interesting the statements you make against religion, “villainous hoax,” assuming a morality behind your words. But your worldview actually provides no basis to say if something is evil or not.

    • “But your worldview actually provides no basis to say if something is evil or not.”
      Horseshit, you have it *exactly backwards*. Humanitarianism precedes religiosity. What’s actually fascinating is that religions could dare presume claims to moral authority. Morals are extrapolated from innate human empathy & applied though the mitigation of harm, …unless you’re some sort of dogmatic sociopath or deluded psychopath. It is religion which hijacks & perverts basic human decency for occult-ed dogmatic conformity. Morality necessarily precedes religion, otherwise no culture would have ever survived long enough to invent religions in the first-place.

    • Lude Crestfallen “Humanitarianism precedes religiosity.” You are right. People will always look to their own desires before thinking about God. But they all think about God. Also we do have a basic innate idea of right and wrong. I do have a basis for objective morality, the 10 commandments, summed up in the 2 greatest commandments. You have not given me a basis for morality from your standpoint.

    • I do think they tried to make satan distinguishable by his darkness, but they could have made him seem completely separate because by then he was fallen & was roaming the earth. They could have made it more clear he didn’t belong. Also, Hod said “have you considered my servant Job, so God had the upper hand.

    • islandslim, I think what you were trying to say is that Satan wasn’t and isn’t good. Satan is an angelic creature but he’s a fallen angel. We don’t know what Satan’s access to God was around the time of Job, so the videos depiction may not be wrong, but it’s pure speculation. The people who do the Bible project have to get the message across somehow and it won’t always be exactly to our liking or perfect. I think they did a pretty good job (lol) considering the challenge it is to tell the story and reveal the main points of Job in 7 minutes. I’m guessing they’ll do a video on Satan at some point that depicts him in an accurate light.

    • if you listen to the podcast they explain that, the hebrew translates “the satan” which would mean “the opposer” in a court of law like setting. So it doesn’t mean an opposer from an evil perspective like who we call “Satan”, but rather someone on the other side of a conversation. I can’t read hebrew, but that is Tim and John’s take on the heavenly scene.

    • DanQZ okay I see the flaw in my example, but the principal is still true to me. How can we apply rules ourselves to how God governs the universe?

    • Well, we can’t even prove God exists, so its kinda hard to apply rules to him or know how to. If we prove he exists, it is in our best interest to figure out how to apply rules to him.

    • Nervix709 i feel that. I’ll probably stop with this because we’ll get cyclical, but I don’t think it’s my place to find out how to apply rules to God, but rather understand how he rules. But like you said it’s not like I can provide proof that either of us is correct. Especially in the comment section of YouTube haha

    • God knew, as he talked to Satan that Job was devoted man to God…. He knew that no matter what , Job would stay faithful no matter how much Satan took from Job! In the end Job persevered and God rewarded Job greatly! How many followers of the Lord God wouldstay faithful after having so many trials? God knew the heart of Job and Satan could not relate to a heart of purity! It was not a bet but a testimony as God knowing true faith and love, which Satan in his evil could not comprehend! 🙏❤️🎚☺️

    • +mk17173n​ He’s not humoring him for a dumb reason. By having Job suffer we can learn more about God and his wisdom this was less about teaching satan a lesson and more about teaching his followers a lesson about how bad things happen for no reason but they have a reason that people can’t comprehend in the short term but in the grand scheme of things have a purpose. Which is the purpose of Job’s suffering to teach others this lesson. Or at least thats what i got from reading it

    • Christain Johnson omg u are so dumb why u think god say when jesus got baptize he say this is my son who i well please the angels are not his sons the sons of god are from the tribe of seth they called the sons of god because their line was the only line that obey god that’s noah line that’s why God was going to flood the earth he let noah and his family survive

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