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An animated Bible walk through of Leviticus
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Leviticus is difficult to read, but its core message is amazing: God graciously provides a way for sinful, broken people to live near his holy presence so they can find wholeness and life.

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About the authors:

Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary.

Jon Collins is a founder of Epipheo and Sincerely Truman and a veteran explainer video producer.


41 thoughts on “The Book of Leviticus Overview

    • +INTERNATIONALvids You say I lost credibility for making poor assumptions, but if you read closely, you can see I asked why you abandoned your faith. My conclusion was purely based on the answer you provided. That’s why I ask questions, to avoid making poor assumptions. I can’t make people give me better answers to analyze. Anyway, thank you for your clarification.

      You seem to think actual experience and fictional experience is one in the same. It isn’t, that’s an equivocation. If I actually spent time with a family member who has now passed away, then the memories I have of them are real memories from a real experience. This is objectively true.

      It’s true because the relationship didn’t just occur in my head. It happened in external reality. I can prove this with photos, video footage, and shared memories from other sane adults.

      However, my childhood relationship with Santa Claus was fictionally based. Subjectively true. I can think the Christmas gifts were from Santa, but they were really from my parents the whole time.
      Your analogy is like saying, dreams and reality are the same thing, despite the subjective/objective problem. I hope you’ll agree.

      You also falsely claimed that I “created” a personal version of God for myself. Well, that’s simply not true. I think you may have a misunderstanding of what role the Holy bible plays in the life of true believers. God’s character is abundantly clear in the bible and His character never changes. I can either accept this truth or deny it.

      But if my perception of God is inconsistent with scripture, then the problem lies with my perception, which is in error to begin with. The bible is the ultimate reference point for believers to measure the quality of their relationship with God. This is why it’s important we don’t create personal versions of God, because that would lead to distortion and, finally, despair.

      It is true that your relationship with God could’ve been a delusion. A couple questions come to mind: what are your thoughts on sin? What are your thoughts on God’s character, from the perspective of scripture?

      The evidence of a true relationship with God through Christ has everything to do with one 6 letter word: change. You go from being an enemy of God, to a son or daughter of God. You go from being resistant to His will, to taking joy in obeying His commandments.

      And that change cannot be a delusion. And what makes the bible so consistent, is that you can actually read about your own experience with God through the eyes of another biblical character and determine the progress or decline in your relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

      I posed two questions for you. You have room to answer as clear as you want. Take your time


    • bob polo – You were right in the first question to avoid assumptions, but the second time your conclusion based off one paragraph was an oversimplification because decades of experiences is far more dynamic than that.
      Regarding fictional and real experiences. There are two parts to it. From a biological point of view which drives the way we feel, fictional and real experiences create the same response in our nervous system. For example, feeling fear because someone is chasing me with a knife in real life will trigger the same nervous response as dreaming that someone is chasing me with a knife. Why were we scared in the dream (aka nightmare) even though it was fictional? Because as long as we believe it to be real, even in the slightest, it triggers the same or similar electric pulses and release of chemicals like adrenaline which translates in to what we call – feelings.
      However, I agree with you that the actual event that happens can either be fictional or real (regardless whether our body interprets it as real or not). In this case, you are speaking rationally, regarding having evidence that the person you feel was/is a real person. I’m with you here 100%.
      And the next part you wrote is where you contradict yourself to appease your bias.
      *”I can prove this with photos, video footage, and shared memories from other sane adults.”* – Where are your photos of the holy spirit, and video footage of Jesus, and shared memories from sane adults that are CONSISTENT.
      This last part with sane adults, is extra important because notice not everyone agrees to feel the same god as you if any god at all. Sure you can cherry pick adults and say they also feel Jesus like you, but in the same way you can cherry pick adults and agree they don’t feel Jesus but experienced Allah or aliens etc.
      You actually helped me prove my point. There is no physical evidence for your specific god, because the whole thing is based on faith.
      *”It is true that your relationship with God could’ve been a delusion.”* – Here again, you appeal for exclusivity, that somehow you landed on some magic that I happened to miss. This is actually very common even among Christians (and people of other faith). That Jesus tells me secrets that he doesn’t tell you or god opened my eyes but will not open yours because you’re doing something wrong etc etc….More of an ego thing. And I don’t blame Christians for this because some of this they pull directly from the Bible. Some verses that talk about god intentionally favoring some people more than others, an exclusive club if you will and the smack talk continues. Of course nearly every one thinks they are the chosen one, they have the ‘inside’ track to god. They figured it out. ….Now I don’t want to get in to a game of exchanging bible verses because every verse you give I can find another that contradicts it and vice versa (I’m not new to this).

      My thoughts on sin….I don’t really use the word sin, rather I use a more universal term – morals. Morals are not absolute. However a great deal of morals tend to be relatively universal regardless of time and which faith someone follows. This is because our morals are driven by our biology. The fact we feel pain pleasure through our nerves and chemistry. From birth we quickly learn we want to avoid pain and embrace pleasure. We also learn quickly that others feel the same thing. When an baby tries to pull mother’s hair, she moves the babies hand. This is morals. Biology at work, pain and pleasure driven by nerves and chemistry. Is it perfect? No.
      Morals should be driven by the basic concept of pain and pleasure (keeping in mind individual and broader social impacts which can get complicated quick) rather than some dogma written down thousands of years ago. Because what made moral sense in one scenario, might not make any sense in another. This is why dogma and absolutism is so dangerous.
      You ask what I think of the Biblical god. Well, the old testament god (or gods depending on interpretation), is really a reflection of humans in their worst character. Supposed god creates people, plays cruel psychological games on them like putting a desirable fruit tree within their reach yet telling them not to eat of it. Drowns babies and humanity in general. Impatient. OK with slavery etc. Commands people to genocide, enjoys smelling sacrificed animals burning. Seems to be active mostly in Mesopotamia, never mind the rest of the Earth. …New Testament god, filled with more superstition. The whole thing based on human sacrifice which is a disgrace. If god was unlimited, why couldn’t he just forgive without all the drama?
      Sure there are some good parts in the Bible, love your neighbor, but every culture around the World through history had some version of this. Because again, that rule is driven by our biology. If we hurt others they or someone on their behalf is likely to retaliate and hurt us in return. So if we have any interest in self preservation, we generally don’t hurt others. You don’t need gods or religion to have morals. 5 billion out of 7 billion people today do not adhere to the Christian faith, yet most of these people act morally most of the time. The few bad apples make it seem worse though (and they tend to make the news).

    • +INTERNATIONALvids It’s interesting that because I agreed with “your own words” that your relationship with God was a delusion, you interpret that as me bragging and saying I found the right Jesus and you didn’t. Guess you got me there, friend. I agree with you to brag against you. Great logic.

      There was no contradiction in my example of real experience vs fictional experience. I simply refuted your analogy with the same examples you provided. I didn’t fully equate my experience with visible family members and friends as the same as my relationship with the invisible God. I clearly stated that the evidence of a successful relationship with the biblical God lies in our internal changes and those changes correlating with scripture. Nowhere in scripture does it say I have to provide pictures or videos to prove the truth of that experience. Therefore, I am being consistent with scripture and not secular reality. Faith, like you said.

      “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.” Hebrews 11:1-3

      Can you tell me how morals can both be unable to be absolute, yet able to be universal at the same time? You lost me there. Imagine me saying that dripping water being wet is an absolute truth but not a universal truth. What does that mean? Law of non-contradiction.

      You’re also really into equivocation, I see. A mother moving a baby’s hand from her hair is a moral act? How? If I swat a mosquito to keep it from biting my flesh, that was a moral decision? No, that was for my own protection due to my own self interest, not the interest of others. But we don’t have to get into moral theory. You don’t seem to have it worked out completely.

      You use specific terms to describe God’s character and His ways of dealing with His creation. Such terms as: disgrace and cruel. On what basis can you make these value judgments? You admit to not having the slightest clue for the origins of humanity, so why do you think God should act a specific way to your liking? On what basis can you judge God for doing what He wants to do with the people He created in the first place?

      You seem to be in favor of social contract theory. Why? I assert that apart from your biological presuppositions for morality, you can’t even make sense of why you feel the way you do about certain actions being right or wrong. On an atheistic naturalistic worldview, there is no such thing as right or wrong. That’s the true delusion. Only the Word of God can give a consistent account for why the world is in this current condition and only the word of God can provide a sufficient solution.


    • bob polo – Seems a lot of the communication is lost due to discussing on a youtube comments section rather than in person.
      *”Can you tell me how morals can both be unable to be absolute, yet able to be universal at the same time?”* – Universal because we share the same biology, hence similar morals. Universal is not same as absolute.
      What I meant to say, a baby first learns of their own pain and pleasure. Then they learn others feel it too. How do they learn? For example, the first steps in learning others feel pain is when a parent removes the hand of a baby/toddler to avoid getting poked in the eye or hair pulled. After many such re-occurrences, the toddler begins to learn that poking a person in the eye is probably hurting the other person in the same way it would hurt the toddler.

      This is not my theory, or a theory. It is common sense, we call it tit-for-tat. Humans are not the only ones who’s morals are driven by biology of course, other species show these traits too. You are over thinking it. No need for moral theory. It is very basic, we have nerves, we feel pain. We quickly realize we want to avoid pain. We learn if we cause pain to others, they will likely retaliate with pain to us in return (or someone on their behalf). I’m not sure what part of this is confusing. Pleasure is similar except it is embraced rather than avoided.

      I’m just saying you have a double standard (along with hundreds of other Christians I debated).
      You hold a standard based on evidence when comparing real people versus imagined ones. Yet when it comes to your beliefs in god, you don’t hold it to the same standard. No evidence is required, just faith. Intellectual dishonesty.

      Don’t take this personally. Nothing against you. Literally every argument you made so far I have come against multiple times with many Christians. And I made same arguments when I was Christian.

      I get it. Faith in gods and afterlife is a coping mechanism to help people get through life. Just because it feels good, feels inspiring or feels right, doesn’t make it true. My favorite childhood fairy tale never became more real just because it was my favorite. You have a lot invested in to this faith, your whole worldview revolves around it. I can imagine the denial that goes through Christian’s thoughts when someone tells them they’ve been there but learned it was all a delusion. The most common answer I get is “you weren’t a real Christian” or “You did not have a personal relationship with Christ” – My parents are the only ones that never said that because they know me better past and present.

      *”On what basis can you judge God”* – I don’t have to judge the personality of your god. The Bible does that for me. Just read any old Testament book and you’ll see the egoistic, insecure, jealous, blood thirsty deity (or deities consolidated in to one).

  1. I found this chanel an hour ago, and I think it’s amazing! I already watched 6-7 videos and I see there is more video, so probably no sleep tonight 😂 (ok i will sleep i promise ) because I want to watch all 😃 (and sorry for my English :/ )

    • AlphaBeReal That’s not what izchi is saying. It’s what Howard Thomas said, and what Kamilium agreed was correct. Read the replies in the thread.

    • Malachi 4:5 Before the great an dcoming day of YAH i will send my Prophet Elijah.

      New Testamtnet is astrology and pagan, sun dying and rising on the third day of the constellation of the “crux” lots of other deities have the same story.

      Isa. 43:11, I, even I am the Most High, and beside me there is no other.

    • If you wish to believe that the New Testament is thus, that is your choice. But I ask you to pray and give it some thought. With Jesus paying for sins, the ultimate sacrifice, we no longer have to make blood sacrifices in the temple. His gift to us is the ultimate and makes it possible for us to be with God.

  2. Animals had value, like people today focus on money, cars, jobs as value. The more live stock a person or family had the better. People did not have money to run down to Stop N go, for a coke.

    • I disagree … but I knew you probably wouldn’t agree with me but wanted to give my reasons and answers before leaving the conversation.

    • Kylie you obviously believe in God or you wouldn’t have wrote satanic in your name. Satan is in the Bible you know and he believes in God too. You are choosing to serve the wrong thing. Satan is in charge of hell….

    • Indy – so you get all stirred up and speak as if you are god? are you god? can your god speak for himself? can your god present evidence of his existence that is scientifically acceptable to all human regardless of race and language? you have not answer any of these questions and keep on making claims after claims. Muslims can claim that you (Indy) are going to eternal hell for not worshipping Allah. you choose the wrong religion.

    • I am not God, I am passionate about my faith! Atheists and other people talk about what they believe in but I talk about mine and it’s wrong and you think I’m trying to be God?? What? That doesn’t make sense. As for scientific proof, I have had spiritual experiences in my life that I believe were from God. You ever hear of supernatural stories or miracles that cannot be explained? You hear about them in the news sometimes… what can be the scientific explanation for that? Could it be God? I have experiences in my life that were not coincidences. If you are truly interested in my experiences you can email me because they are lengthy and I don’t actually know if you are interested or just wanting to mock me.

    • I’m done replying on this YouTube thread, I feel like I’ve typed a novel. If anyone wants to discuss any further, feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or talk about anything. God bless 💕

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