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Many people today are suffering from cancer. Can a lack of faith in Our Creator be the cause? In this video we meet a lady who was cured from cancer and she gives the answer.

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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20 thoughts on “The Cancer Cure

  1. when did she first get Cancer just so I can know the timeframe! My Stepdad recently died of Cancer. I am sure he is in Heaven as he asked the lords forgiveness and repented in the last days of his life! Great post. keep up the good work!

  2. Cancer is the deoxygenation and mutation of cells… sugar prevents oxygen from reaching cells and literally chokes them out. The immune system can only correct this for so long before it is overrun by these deoxygenated/mutated cells. Chemo and Radiation poisons and destroys the immune system; hurts the body so much that the odds of getting cancer again from the sick body sky rockets. Toxic life styles cause cancer. Research Johanna Budwig and vitamin B17.

  3. One more thing, the new CT scans used to look for cancer have so much radiation that 1 in 100 will get cancer just from the scan. Radiation mutates cells directly and can cause cancer; similar to sitting next to a microwave for years just done in super speed. Overcooking food also mutates the original molecular structure of the nutrient which we call free radicals. And since the western diet is so acidic, the immune system can’t handle all of this resulting in all sorts of illnesses.

  4. Statistics from American Cancer Society, 2006-2008: 1 in 2 males got cancer; 1 in 4 died. 1 in 3 females got cancer; 1 in 5 died.

    Sadly, probably the easiest to prevent and cure.

  5. THe long list of side effects indexed with the manipulative scary music are not all certain or common depending on cancer phase, type, and medication. Look at the long list of side effects of Advil, which includes death, we could do the same thing and say they are DIRECT effects and the big bad doctors say they are side effects. I found many of the woman featured on this program in the OBITUARY months later, as cancer commonly goes into remission. FYI this happens to non-christians also.

  6. This is real proof, that God is real and active with people who trust Him, but Everyone will face Him at the end of time. You will know Him or reject Him now, which will determine your destiny later.

  7. all medicenes comes from nature
    dont be fool all pharmaceutical companies and doctors trying do is powder up and sell you a plant already grown in your backyard.
    f*** you goverment. grow your own vegetables in your backyard and drink fresh Creekwater boil if you want but the creek water near me is this fresh as the spring it comes from ps lets stop the water companies tapping into community Springs and taking peoples water many people I know have had creeks beside their house dry up look it up.

  8. Yes I believe God, is first then ask for guidence, and all things will come,,because with God ALL things are possible ,,,but is for those who only believe

  9. coq10 is very important for ATP. especially heart strength and health. Keith Scott mumby says without coq10 you die.

    Thomas levy vit c

    schulze super c plus
    natural source camu camu, Rose hips. acerola cherry, others

    Markus rothkranz I think has vit c also

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