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Michael Rood's long awaited series, The Chronological Gospels, is finally here! Having devoted decades to researching the original texts of the Bible, Michael unearthed fascinating truths. Through his understanding of the ancient Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic texts, he has accomplished a rare feat: arranging the ministry of the Messiah, chronologically.

Using this text (The Chronological Gospels Bible: The Life and Seventy Week Ministry of the Messiah) as the basis of his teaching, Michael takes you on a journey through the incredible ministry of Jesus (Yeshua). Combined with Michael's own captivating story, you will not want to miss an episode!


13 thoughts on “The Chronological Gospels (with Michael Rood) – Episode 1

  1. yes he was to be in the grave 3 days and 3 nights. Luke 9:21 sayshe Rose on the 3rd day so for him to be in the grave 3 nights and raise on the 3rd day he probably rose right before the end of the day which would be sundown, because at sundown the Jews started the next day just like we start our day at midnight. WOW I’ve heard Michael teach this before but just understood it now! it wasn’t anytime on Sunday at all!

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