Here this amazing story about how my friend Sam Shappard who was rushed to the hospital with Covid-19 at this link:

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Astaxanthin is the strongest antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in existence, 1000 times stronger than aspirin. Astaxanthin lowers blood sugar levels. Astaxanthin lowers LDL cholesterol. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that occurs naturally in certain algae. It is used as a supplement, but also in food and agriculture. Astaxanthin Algae by Valasta, that is natural Astaxanthin is a PD-L1 inhibitor. This significant finding has extraordinary implications inhibiting tumor growth and most inflammatory diseases.


11 thoughts on “The Covid-19 Vaccine Experiment

    • It’s not fake. It’s bio-warfare imo. This was unleashed by an unscrupulous evil government or people on the entire world. It is a lab enhanced synthetic virus.

    • @は私です彼の名前
      If they could engineer a deadly virus….we’d already be dead.
      It’s a dirty lie.
      The “warfare” is the vaxeen.

  1. Please ask him why I get brain fog when I go out in the sun. I was taking the dose as instructed. I was fine unless I went out in the sun and I would get a weird spacey feeling.

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