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What Jesus crucified on the Mount of Olives? Did he die on Easter Sunday? Is sin nailed to the cross with Jesus’ death? Find out in this episode with Michael Rood and David Robinson from Freedom Hill Community.

You are in for A Rood Awakening in this episode of Torah Wars!

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4 thoughts on “The Crucifixion of Jesus (Yeshua) (Episode 5)

  1. noo! teach us about the law! I’ll drag both Dave and Michael back to the studio if I have to. former oh-three infintry here. looking forward to those videos. I am just learning about Hebrew roots and how little I know about Yehova and his ways.

  2. Michaels view on what was nailed to the cross is new to me but I accept it , however , the list of transgressions nailed to his cross also included my personal sins from my past which I could not pay for. The sacrifice paid my bill and redeemed me from a lost eternity . I have accepted that salvation and grasped it with all my strength and am now on the narrow path , I am an isolated Torah follower . I have just sent for The Chronological gospels and look forward to reading it , though I have listened to as many videos as there are made on it .Shalom
    Huw Goronwy

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