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Today we are in Michigan at the Creative Health Institute. This amazing health retreat helps people heal from all types of disease, especially Diabetes. Their website is


2 thoughts on “The Cure for Diabetes And All Diseases #409

  1. How awesome! My wife and I have been looking for something like this and come to find out, its 1.5 hours from our home… God is conspiring to heal me. I was hit by a car in June of this year, before that hear surgery and this is another Miracle in a long line of them for us. Peace, love and unity Paul 🙂 Thank you, and I only wish I had known sooner, I would have loved to have seen you speak! Thank you.

  2. @vinny111 Yes some people can but not everyone. Contact Gabrial Cousins. He wrote a book and has success getting people betting from type 1

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