18 thoughts on “The Dangers of Tattoos

  1. “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.”

    FOR THE DEAD may be the real meaning here…

  2. Your comments are very helpful for someone who is trying to find the truth in this matter. The Scripture references make it clear that tattoos are not appropriate for any believer in YHWH.

  3. Though, as a observer of Torah myself and believe that tattooing the flesh is against Torah, I don’t think its the government’s responsibility to regulate or outlaw this practice. People should have the right be be tattooed if they feel they want to, but those who observe Torah should obviously not.

  4. tell this to todd bentley.he has tattoos all over his body.but as long as they are about god he says it is ok.stupid man.another fals preacher in sheepclothing.

  5. This is stupid and so are all the comments.Leviticus is not a good verse to argue because it tells you so much thingx your not aloud to do that we all do today. And todd bently is a fake he fell into adultry when he was saved. pm and ill explain it better.

  6. LOL! “its screaming to the heavings ‘I dont like the way you made me so im going to change it'” xD some ppl crack me up man. I needed a good laugh

  7. Is there anything in the New Testement about tattoos? I thought that the Old Testement was just a history lesson, and that the New Testement (or New Covenent) was what we are supposed to be living by now. You know, the one where Jesus is introduced and shows us that we are forgiven for our sins.

  8. You point out the scripture that looks down upon all tattoos but what about Isaiah 49:16? “See, I have engrave you on the palms of my hands;” Jesus himself had our names engraved on his palms. I would believe that engraving names on his palms would in fact be a “tattoo”

  9. I hear good arguments on both sides. I think the answer lies with what God lays upon your spirit, I’d go with that. Often times someone will get a tattoo of something they think looks “cool” and have inadvertently marked themselves with a curse, so you need to pray about it before you commit to the ink. I have tats and I was saved when I got them and I’m seriously re-thinking them. But in either case, I’m forgiven for them. And so are you if you have them.

  10. this would be Leviticus 19:28.  if Yahuah says not to do something, don’t do it.  we  might not understand why, but He created us and knows what’s best for us.  if you aren’t a believer, do what thou wilt.  i watched someone get a tattoo.  it was extremely painful, bloody, costly, and unnecessary.  i would not waste my hard earned cash on this.  seemed kinda like vanity to me.  if you want someone to stick needles in you for hours at a time, go for it.  it’s worldly.  peace to you all in Yahuah’s name.

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