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The Day Yeshua (Jesus) Died and Does It Matter?

We need to understand history and facts. There is no way possible Yeshua died on good Friday.
Also in the video I said the Sabbath he died was first fruits, It was actually the Sabbath of the feast of unleavened bread. Pardon me for the error. Messiah rose on first fruits.


25 thoughts on “The Day Yeshua (Jesus) Died and Does It Matter?

  1. I agree! But I think you meant to say the feast of unleavened bread for the timing of him having to be placed in the grave. First fruits is when he arose. I knew what you meant, but might be confusing for others. Blessings

  2. Doesn’t God’s word say that,”the evening and the morning were the first day?” So wouldn’t a day start at sunset? Just thinking out loud. Also, I do like Teddy Wilson’s teachings. I really like his heart. Thanks for having him on Shabbat live it’s like a full meal deal. Shalom to you and yours

    • +Jack Kester Typically older traditionalists for Judaism, do start the feasts the ‘evening’ before the actual day. So if passover starts Friday, you are to actually start it Thursday night. Don’t quote me though, I’m still rather new at trying to learn the Jewish roots of everything. Mostly as it was never taught to me.

      The whole starts at sunrise things, seems to be newer based however from what I have read, and is inaccurate as to how a feast should be celebrated. So the Sabbath actually should start Friday night, and so on.

      We are told however Mary (and the other Mary) go down to the tomb at first light, not at the ‘start of the day’ which typically might have been evening. Given we are also not told they take lamps of any kind we have to assume they actually mean they went at dawn. But than again, a lot of information has been lost (or intentionally lost) over the years due to those in control over what went into the bible and what didn’t. (Excluding the Torah as it’s never been changed).

  3. Feast of First fruits is not a High Sabbath but the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread is a Sabbath. Feast of First Fruits is the day after the Weekly Sabbath after Passover. This is why I believe the day of resurrection could be  Sunday the 1st day of the week because First Fruits is always on a Sunday. But I am not dogmatic about this.Leviticus 23:4-11

  4. wow this (jesus,yeshua,yahoshua,yahusha,yoshka,) is getting more confusing by the minute,nowhere in the Tanach does it speak of a man dying for our sins but it does that the father shall not pay for the sins of the sons and the sons shall not pay for the sins of the father,thus no man can pay for the sins of another man it is taught in the Tanach thus it should not be taught anywhere else.

  5. Hello I would like to give you something to consider 1: 12  divinely pre-set time-period does not mean Hours because  there are not 12 hours all season long he is not talking about hours. 2:  3 days and there nights is not the problem its the heart of the earth that people don’t understand IMO he is not talking abut the grave as we have been lead to believe. The heart of the earth is mans heart full of sin Messiah had to bare the sin of man when he first began to suffer was when he excepted the cup in the garden all of his suffering lasted 3 days and 3 nights. 3: after supper he went to the garden at sunset (13th of the mouth at evening the 1 night)then at dawn he was taken and beaten and crucified (Day 1 the 14th)  he was taken down of the tree and put in a tomb (14th Night 2) he stayed in the tomb the (15th Day 2 and Night 3) he was risen on the (16th Day 3 but its not over because he has to ascend to the father first that’s what me told Mary) 4: he did not come back till that evening to see the Disciple’s. this is my belief because there is know other explanation for 3 days and 3 night, the Christians don’t know the Messianic doesn’t know and they are all fighting about 3 days and 3 nights when the problem is the heart of man i.e. the heart of the earth.. thanks I would like to know what you think about this.

  6. You are right “The Health Man” Jesus died on the Passover, and the Sabbath the following day was because of the Passover. Quite possibly, Wednesday 24th March AD 34… Jesus said 3 days and 3 nights shall the son of man be in the belly of the earth. This caould be possible.

  7. My beloved brother in the lord, I am always open to learn and get better understanding of the Scriptures.. Many people quotes JESUS saying to KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS…… WHAT IS JESUS COMMANDMENTS ????? Show me a Scripture where JESUS CHRIST said to keep the Sabbath ..

  8. He did die on a Friday 🙂

    The synoptics are clear that On the first day of Unleavened Bread (15th of Aviv) when they killed the Passover lamb the disciples came to Yeshua.

  9. He died on Wednesday at 3pm and I believe that he died for our sins to be forgiven. This is my thought, I believe that he might have been in the tomb 3 nights and 3 days. He rested in the tomb on the Shabbat and was resurrected on the 3rd day after Shabbat don’t know if it was Sunday day or night but all that matters is that Rose and He is alive sitting at the right of the Yah. I feel in my heart that Yeshua hears our prayers and answers our prayers when we put him first in our lives. Even though we all come short of the Glory of Elohim He loves He never leaves us and He never forsakes us. Can’t wait Purim Day. Shalom

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