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From Orlando Florida 4-16-09
Raw Food Author Paul Nison talks about his new book The Daylight Diet. For more information and to order the book visit . To see the other parts of this video go to Paul's blog at


11 thoughts on “The Daylight Diet by Paul Nison PART 1 of 11

  1. I’ve visited the Mickie D. restrooms many times while driving & needing a pit-stop. That’s so funny & true, their women’s room is generally empty!! Never a line. I heard you speak here in Portland, Oregon last night & I’m doing the ‘Daylight Diet’ now because you’re so right. My brain needed to hear your lecture, to have eating during the day only to sink in!! Thanks Paul. and Thank You Durian King for posting this video.

  2. i like to see Nison and Ori Hofmekler of the Warrior Diet into a boxing match… Ori says eat only at night and NOT during the day…i dont know who’s right but the NDD is much easier . it’s easer to fast during while asleep than during the day…

    i lost 55 on the No Dinner Diet…it works because you’re fasting for at least 12 hours.

  3. Such a funny, sunny fellow, following the light and living in love.

    Besides, he knows how to laugh!

    I am very seldom – impressed by what i see when i meet raw foodies. This man makes sense and shares that simply eating ‘raw food’ is not necessarily – enough. There is a whole lot more .. to being healthy and healing oneself, than simply trying on a new diet or fad.

    Can’t wait for part 2

    My teen son and i have been living and loving the raw food lifestyle for 10 years now. K

  4. Just started watching your videos as Dr. Coldwell recommended. I first have to say you look much better without the beard(your very handsome) thank you for doing the videos they are very informative and you are very funny. I look forward to reading your books. best wishes……

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