13 thoughts on “The Daylight Diet by Paul Nison PART 2 of 11

  1. Its just like how JIngee speaks of how when she feeds her children, Celery, they actually gain weight!

    All about real, raw, full – spectrum nutrition.

    I love Paul’s enthusiasm.

    I can relate.

    Bless you for sharing your rawkn truth,



    And, as funny as ever!

  2. ” We need to understand these things,” says everything.

    Most people are not asking the right questions. Let alone, any …

    To simply accept someone else’s truth or another man’s so called logic or laws, is insane. Thus, a real individual must think and fell for him’herself.

    Common sense.

    Most of us are chronically overtired. We are not receiving enough or often – any sun/moonlight.

    Mother Nature speaks.

    Now, all we must do?


    Alive and Lov’n it,


  3. Hey Paul, what do you tell people who live more close to the poles, where they have winter and summertime. In some regions there is only daylight for a few hours and in summer vice versa.

  4. Another great book, supporting this daylight diet info is Sleep Thieves by Stanley Coren. What the research reveals of our sleep needs dispells/disabuses us of the prevailing bull$#!* of convention. Coren tells of the broader circadian rhythms. For the work on ultradian rhythms (many times a day) check out The 20 Minute Break by Ernest Rossi, a continuator of Milton Erickson. From the scourge of artificial light to the beauty sleep taken b4 midnight we can recover. We’re no diff from moths.

  5. I think you miss the whole point. We are supposed to eat less during the winter.
    and if you listen to the lecture you will know I said the same thing about the days being shorter in the winder. There no reason a person can’t go to sleep if they don’t eat at night. That’s crazy.

  6. Starvation mode for just 14 hours??? That is crazy crazy crazy. You have no idea what you are talking about. That is simply NOT TRUE Most people can go days without food and be fine. Skipping one meal before bed is only good for people.

    • The Raw Life Health Show It’s not starvation mode! Ever heard of intermittent fasting? It is probably one of the most revolutionary and impactful things you can do for your health.

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