Michael Rood and Kent Hovind reveal the subtle deceit within the distraction in a powerful new series titled Flat Earth and The Evolution Conspiracy.
In part three, Michael and Kent switch gears from creation to the end times! Discover how the deception of evolution is twisting the truth of what’s to come — a warning and a weapon in a battle of the mind for every believer.

Debate and speculation over the Almighty’s creation is much more than opinion — it is the cornerstone of doubt and destruction in the decision to choose between Satan and God. This crucial teaching series serves as both a warning and a weapon in a battle of the mind for every believer. Don’t miss the incredible truth spoken on this week’s episode of Shabbat Night Live!


25 thoughts on “The End Times and the Judgement – Shabbat Night Live – 6/15/18

  1. Good. There is a term that I use in my work and research…” We are no longer in old 1960’s school book ” What we once learned is now outdated and not facts but theories… we are now in 2018 and things are changing and knowledge is increasing and things being revealed and every kind of truth is being revealed for a purpose to exalt our creators name and prove mans dictations and theories a lie and an exaggeration. Problem is that many are still embeded with old stuff and theories and think they are correct.

  2. Flat Earth is what brought me to Yeshua. Knowing that where we live was made by the Creator. Read your bible brothers, because man made doctrine is full of lies and the bible is proof of the geocintric Earth.

    • Charles Praise Yah! You and so many others came to Him and the truth thru the Biblical Earth. You are correct and’s it’s frustrating to see this type of show

    • Charles Vietenheimer- I watched this weeks episode (6/22/18) and believe it has upset a lot of people . 193 dislikes to 152 likes ( so far ) , this a massive jump in dislikes . I think that people are more upset with their attitude than the lameness of the “evidence” . I am convinced that Rood Ministries are manipulating the comments and am trying to get feed back to confirm .

  3. And dont forget the river bed that had both human and dinosaur prints fossilized as proof they lived at the same time discovered in either Tennessee or in the general area and when presented to the world, it was fellow scientists who went and destroyed the evidence.
    Im sorry that i dont remember the details but it is an historical account.

  4. Dragons are dinosaurs, I agree. There are ancestors of the dinosaur period, still alive today, some being ocean and water creatures which could survive the flood in the water.

  5. Thank you for sharing the good news. Some people still don’t know what that is specifically, but we can read a specific definition of the good news in Rev 14:6-7 Within the 3 angels messages.  Shalom

  6. The assumption has been that Genesis 1:2 is speaking about a rock covered with water. Is all it is actually saying is: Holy Spirit was on water ? Nothing solid is mentioned until verse 9. Which leads to the possibility that verses 6-8 are speaking of the expansion of the Waters that became the material for the Visible Universe. It was only a planetary Ocean of water that was left at the center. The dry ground wasn’t created until verse 9 and didn’t became Earth until verse 10.

    If the Spirit was creating life in the waters that were dispersed throughout the Universe; then we would expect to see rudimentary life throughout the Cosmos.

  7. It’s possible Adam was attempting to do something similar to what Moses did: When he stood between God and the disobedient People and said: “If you are going to kill them, then kill me too”.
    Christ died for his Bride, the similarities between Adam & Christ are mentioned.

  8. I choose to believe the Word of God and what it ACTUALLY says and not Hovind’s theories on this earth. People read your Bible it is a science book it is truth. Firmament.

  9. Very RUDE to call us who believe the Bible literally crazy etc. You really need a Rude Awakening. You have God and the Scripture and all the saints prior to Copernicus opposing you.

  10. Nasa has lied to us! Spinning globe supports evolution. Earth does not move, except during an earthquake.

    Water is level and does not curve. Gravity is an unprovable theory. Earth is flat with an ice ring holding the oceans. Book of Enoch tells us the truth about shape of earth.

    • Not everything in the water has fins and scales. To be considered clean “meat” they would have to have that…but many creatures in the water do not have fins and/or scales. Maybe I’m missing or misunderstanding something you’re saying…

  11. There is more than enough solid evidence to indicate that the earth and most objects in the universe (planets, moons, stars, etc) are spherical (or close to it) in shape…

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