21 thoughts on “The Essene Gospel of Peace: Fact or Fiction?

  1. Rather the title should be “Essenes Fact or FIction” especially after Robert Eisenman’s works !

    He did a fine 10 part introduction on you tube as “Eisenman on the Rocks”

  2. In the book of genesis, you will find that after the flood God gave rights to man to eat as he pleased but not to eat meat wiht its lifeblood still in it. I dont think this books marks a religion. I am preparing my body for the return of Yeshua. The bible also says thou shalt not kill. I doubt that only means humans. I would next take this book as religious text. I would observe it is a medicinal text. I understand what you mean, but seeing as you are not perfect i wouldn’t cast the first stone.

  3. The Essene gospel of peace is new to me, on an initial reading i immediately got the feeling it was not genuine, in fact comparing it to the bible, to the teachings of Jesus it was very badly written. It’s definetely a made up fiction in my view. Alot of truths within lies out there these days. Interesting times we live.

  4. You know what Paul Nison, in what you say you seem to not believe that fasting will save our souls so that evil will depart us and so we will be saved by God.. I tell you one proof and such proof you will not see unless you have experienced it yourself. I know you have not been severely sick before because you have always been healthy being a vegan.

  5. before you put any debate on me, quit being a vegan first and make your self sick by taking lots of toxic drugs and food until you are almost dying like me before. I have experienced a deep change of consciousness awakening from evil thoughts and behaviors only when i fasted and eaten raw foods. The priest and the philosophy in the bible didnt help me on my awakening. How could you explain that?

  6. I was allergic to eating almost every food, and my doctor gave me lots of steroids, from injections to pills. have you read all the effects of drug toxicity to the mind? ex; corticosteroids? every day i couldnt rest if i couldnt think of how to be wild and try to kill somebody. i cant rest of thinking that i am doomed and that i have no hope that the feeling of drowning will never go away. paranoia and anger held me so tight.

  7. I have just been on this diet for 4 months… it woke me up thinking, why the hell did i did such things? from then on i knew how toxemia affects our mind that toxemia makes man evil and makes man violent. For me this is the first time i woke up to back to this normal level of consciousnesses and do you support the fact that me or you and all of us have the possibility to wake up some more to the next levels of peaceful consciousness if our bodies gets rid of all toxicities? maybe you dont…

  8. because you have not been so severely sick to toxicities and removed them and felt the CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS PROCESS, SO “YOU WILL EXPERIENCE HOW THE DEVIL WILL DEPART YOU” WHEN YOU FAST AND EAT RAW VEGETABLES AND FRUITS. so that you you will no longer be blind and stop speaking of things you havent experienced yet.

  9. Now, I own the Dead Sea Scrolls in English by Geza Vermes. DSS had nothing to do with Christianity. All the DSS is, is a collection of Jewish documents. Nothing to do with Christianity at all. Also it was never proven that the Essenes were never veagans. Read the Panarion: The Chapter on the Essenes. The Essenes had nothing to do with Christianity.

  10. while there are certainly ‘alternative’ health claims about methods/products that have shown to be false… the same is true about many allopathic methods/products, there is a lot of fraudulent activity going on in that industry & the margin of damage they do goes way beyond merely ripping people off… perhaps it would be more appropriate to say the ‘health industry’ or something… a lot of the alternative stuff IS awesome & was around before the domination of the allopathic industry

  11. Many things were left out of the bible. Only A few selected writings were chosen to be contained in it. It’s all very well saying this is not scripture but you show now evidence of it not being the words of Jesus that were simply not chosen to go into the bible.

  12. In creation Adam ate food from the earth, Isaiah 11 tells us animals will live with us in the kingdom in peace, Revelation tells us that we will be eating fruit in the kingdom. Malachi 3:6 tells us the God does not change… I respect people that wish to search out the word but common sense needs to be applied at all times when reading things.

  13. @Matthew Adrian Del Cano I’m really glad to hear your success with the vegan diet and stopping the inflammation! That’s rampant fungal colonies and parasitic infections for you. Veg and fruit is body-native. It’s not hard to understand why the pre-flood diet helps us thrive.
    I’m not choosing to defend the Gospel of the Essenes because it has some theological conflicts with the bible. Understand that judging the book against the bible does not devalue the wisdom of eating for health.
    Keep studying and make sure that your understanding of the world and life doesn’t come from one book alone. 😉

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