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    • @Yochanan Miller. Look at Matt27v46,47 whenever(rare) Jesus spoke Hebrew some didnt understand what He was saying because it wasn’t Greek or Aramaic(the common language:)

    • +Valid Core I understand what you’re saying some points are valid, but again you’re wrong. Just about everyone in the land including the disciples spoke Greek and Hebrew which was the form of Aramaic Hebrew similarities just about the same language. the name Jesus wasn’t given it did not exist until after the death of Yeshua our Messiah, so nobody called him Jesus when he was alive on this Earth also nobody use the word Christianity because it didn’t exist in those times Christianity and the name Jesus Christ were made up and given way after the death of Yeshua.

    • +Yochanan MillerActs11v26 And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. The Word says they were called Christians, & Antioch is where we find a ton of manuscripts written about a man they call Jesus. BTW I agree with your last comment about the disciples spoke Greek(because that’s what they wrote in:)

    • +Valid Core your Bible in the English language that has the word Christian and the word Jesus because the Christians reworded the original language from the Hebrew to the Greek. Yeshua he was never called Jesus they would never called Christians the word Jesus Christ and Christianity wasn’t even thought of until after the death of the Messiah way after you can keep sending me Bible verses and I’m just going to keep telling you you’re wrong you have to understand something the only way you’re truly going to understand what scriptures meaning in-depth is to take it back to the original language which is Hebrew

  1. This is no argument, just another point of view and a question. When considering YHWH’s calendar many months ago I struggled with the Spring Feasts starting before the Spring Equinox (before the sun in Leo or symbol of Israel), I could find no history of this. I know it was only a matter of a few days, but some years on YHWH’s calendar have 13 months. Most people started Nisan early so now the Fall feasts started before Fall (while the sun was in Virgo or symbol of the church) any thoughts on this and do you have examples of the month of Nisan in the Bible starting before the Spring Equinox???
    YHWH’s calendar is the hardest part of the Torah for me … these are His appointed times, not our holidays with no real reason of when we do them.
    Thanks for any insight you can offer.

    • s fetterly Scotty Clark has one long video about just this thing, & second clarifying one. If I remember they’re labeled October Surprise. He says we are a month ahead this year. He shows how the equinox is not yet aligned within Virgo, using astronomy programs & gives an indepth using the Hebrew circular calendar. The Renewed Sanhedrin checked the Barley Aviv this year, not like in the old days with Nehemia Gordon & the Israel Aviv Team.

      After the big argument with the newbies over what constitutes aviv, in Sept 2016, I think it was, that Nehemia announced that he had been doing the calendar for 30+ years, it was time for him to start focusing more on other things & he was handing over the baton to whomever wanted it. Apparently, the man wisely didn’t want any more of the vicious arguments & hate that was flying surrounding the new moons & aviv. No one ever challenged anything while no one else was paying attention, but when more people become interested & are involved, opinions & disagreements arise. With all of the personal attacks thrown around that year & I don’t blame him for saying, so long.

      Thus, the last handful of years have felt or been off. Whichever. For whatever reason, my heart seems to say that there has been a rush this year, especially, one which feels unnatural. It may just be the end times speeding up, I don’t know.

      Again, that’s Scotty Clark. You may want to check it out. I am celebrating Sukkot twice this year. But then, I love camping out:)

  2. My roommate went fishing yesterday we were blessed with Atún and Dorado and we will celebrate by inviting a friend over to a mini feast. It’s a blessing because we had no idea what we would be eating today. Many years!

  3. Sorry. That is not what the Torah says. You dont have a temple, a priesthood or templr sacrifices and your nation broke the covenant with God a long time ago. So why exactly youre trying to get me to observe feast days and new moons, etc. is beyond me. This is Galatianism at its finest. The Apostle Paul would rebuke you immediately. We’re under grace not under the old covenant of Israel!!! Next thing you know, we’ll be getting circumcised by Jews. RIDICULOUS. I already have the circumcision made without hands, of the putting off of body of the flesh of sins.

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