The Flu Shot Gives You The Flu

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18 thoughts on “The Flu Shot Gives You The Flu

  1. Yes, I had the flu shot when I was about 15. After getting the shot I was sick and out of school for two whole weeks straight. I never took one again! That was 21 years ago!

  2. Several years ago I worked as a Medical Assistant in a busy Physicians office. They offered Free flu shots to employees and I got one. That year I got the flu and it was the most severe flu I ever had. Not only that, but, one year our office bought too many flu shots and did not have many patients taking the shots so we had a lot of shots that were going to get thrown out = they(the docs) were going to lose money. So we were told to ask everyone who came in for a office visit if they had their flu shot and if not to let them know they needed one. In other words push the shot on them so the docs wont lose money. Also, never again did I get a shot

  3. “It’s not flu season it’s stupid season!”
    Ain’t that the truth! I cringe every time I go to the pharmacy and see these people so deceived and they lift up their sleeve to get the latest poison pumped in! Are you DENSE? The metals ALONE in the shot are enough for me to stay away! I must have missed the part in the Word where God said “thou shalt get thy flu shot”. OH… That’s right, HE DIDN’T! It is NOT God’s design to inject viruses and metals in your body, you don’t need a phd to figure that one out!

  4. shalom – I never get the flu shot because everyone I know who gets it gets sick and/or has “questionable” side effects and I think those side effects are from the extra poison they add to the flu shot (like mercury)

  5. I´m not certain where you´re getting your primary information but, respectfully, you´ve got some of the details either partially or fully incorrect. I would be happy to discuss further if this is of interest to you. Best Wishes, DOC

  6. Agreed. My family got the flu. We Don’t get the flu shot. However the flu lasted 2 days in each of my family members and I treated my family naturally. I myself did not get the flu even in taking care of my sick babies and husband. I fed my family wholesome foods and plenty of water with lemon juice as well as vitamin c ,elderberry syrup as well as hot chamomile tea with honey and lemon. When speaking to a friend of mine, I told her that my children had the flu but were on the mends by the second day. She replied wow! What a blessing the flu typically knocks you down for at least a week! Praise Abba! Our trust is in our creator and not in man. Blessings! And Shalom!

  7. I had to pray to El Elyon to cleanse and restore my body from when those evil men and women who manipulated and forced me take those things!

    Next time I see those people I will straight up tell them they are going to hell and I will tell them they will burn.

    You might say “That’s a bit extreme”

    But these people are causing humans to get sick and die.

    These people are doing wicked things and I will NOT tolerate their actions.

  8. They scare people…I will make them tremble with my words about El Shaddai and His Son Yeshua Messiah!

    I will not hesitate to pronounce these people as being wretched evil men and women.

  9. Geese, Pigeons, Pigs and dogs are carriers of the Flu. If you read the news they tell you the people dying from the Flu are the people who have never been vaccinated because they have no immunity. The Flu this year returns every 4 years it will return again in 4 years because Pigs, Geese, dogs and Pigeons are carriers of H3N2. These animals are all over North America people think its fun to feed infected animals with deadly diseases. I have been in large cities I have watched people feed Pigeons. I have been to parks I have watched people feed wild Geese. I have been on rivers I have watched people feed wild pigs. All of these animals are infected stop feeding them the diseases they carry will kill you and your family members.

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