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The Genesis 1:29 Diet

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32 thoughts on “The Genesis 1:29 Diet

  1. Paul its good to eat health just don’t say we can’t eat meat cause you can as long as its the way Yahweh says but you already made that clear paul that your not saying we can’t. eat meat so any way Yes people start eating healthy cause this world geting wicked and when Yahweh allows Judgement to happen you will not be able to go to the hospital cause of the destruction so you need to eat healthy plus you should not go to the doctor cause the medicine is crappy witch craft look it up its not of Yahweh and He is not pleased with people taking it cause its a quick way of geting out of something that you should get the punishment for your action if you get eat unhealthy or food Yahweh does mot want use to eat you get sick Yahweh does not want us to be sick he wants use to eat Health ask the Holy Ghost of Yeshua to help you eat scriptural Health

  2. Thanks Paul I 100% agree with everything you are saying, I’ve been eating a plant based diet now for 18 months and I have never felt better! Not to mention how many animals have been spared being killed by choosing the more excellent way to eat according to Genesis 1:29. This is the way we were intended from the beginning to eat, fruits and veggies are our food. Yahweh’s design for optimum health. Plants are life and life giving, dead animals are dead and are dead food and are given by Yah for survival purposes when fresh fruits and veggies were impossible or extremely hard to produce.

  3. I was thinking, but I’ll have to check again, that Hashem gave specifics of how to butcher an animal- so I though, well, if Hashem provided that info it was so we can consume meat right, before His eyes. But what I was thinking was, Hashem gave these specifics after Israel had complained they only had mannah, and Hashem gave them meat to make them sick and make the meat come out of their noses! So, then originally, we were not meant to eat meat. Plus, these specifics was only for offering purposes. -I’ll check this again though. I’ve tried vegetarian and Paleo diet, now I’m trying intermittent fasting – I like to be on the lsearch for a healthy way of living, and try to honor our Creator even with the way I eat, treat animals, consume etc. So, thank you for your insight using G-ds word as a back up- all the answers to our questions are in there and I am in the journey of finding Truth, wherever that leads 🙂

  4. Hi Paul. Are you strictly Genesis 1:29 or do you include Genesis 3:18 as a goal for you diet? Just that Genesis 1:29 excludes things like potatoes, carrots, lettuce etc. I think Genesis 1:29 should be our guide, not Genesis 3:18 as Genesis 3:18 cam in after the curse/fall so was only an afterthought. Therefore I think that Genesis 3:18 should only be for convenience if we can’t source Genesis 1:29. Well, anyway, that’s what I think. Like to hear your thoughts.

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