An animated walk through of the Gospel according to Mark.
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About the authors:

Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary.

Jon Collins is a founder of Epipheo and Sincerely Truman and a veteran explainer video producer.


35 thoughts on “The Gospel According to Mark

  1. You make very nice videos, but your doctrine needs work. If you go to Biblehub, and look up Mark 1:1, you will see that the first line reads “The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah,” only in the NLT and NIV. Most of the other translations have it as “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ,: It is not the same and is a translator’s trick to hide the real gospel that Jesus was sent to bring. Your hearts are in the right place, but open your eyes!

    • timmydoulos Absolutely…. I would like to start of first by saying, we don’t even know who wrote the Gospels. The Gospels were actually written anonymously. The names Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, weren’t given to the Gospels until the second century, while they were written in the first century. Jesus disciples were Aramaic speaking peasants from Palestine, with little to no education. The Gospels were written in Greek, by highly intelligent Greek speaking Christians, who wrote them decades after Jesus death.( They weren’t eyewitnesses) Jesus died around (30 A.D.) while the first Gospel to be written (Mark) was written around ( 70 A.D.) Yes, Mark was the fist Gospel to be written, not Matthew. This is a well known fact in the Scholar world ( Matthew and Luke actually used Marks Gospel to construct theirs. That’s why the three synoptic Gospels have so much of the same content) So, from the time of Jesus death (30 A.D.) to the the time Marks Gospel was written ( 70 A.D.) was about forty years… There were forty years of stories about Jesus, that were being passed down through the oral tradition, before they were actually written down. Now, obviously stories that are told orally for that long are going to get “altered” “Told wrong” ” Told incorrectly” “corrupted” and so on. It’s ignorant to think, that the stories of Jesus, were told “perfectly” throughout the decades, especially since the were told orally ( word of mouth). There is no way to tell how “accurate” the stories of Jesus life, ministry, and death, that Mark wrote down were. Plus, the original manuscripts for the Gospels, are destroyed. We don’t have them. Most of our manuscripts for the Gospels, come centuries after, they were originally written. Our earliest full manuscript of the New Testament ( that contains the Gospels) doesn’t come until nearly 300 years after the Gospels were originally written. There is now way of telling how much scribes altered the Gospels ( intentionally or unintentionally) in that time period. It’s evident that they did, since we have no two manuscripts that are a like. The story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery ( John 7:53-8:11) and the longer ending of Mark ( Mark 16:8-20) were not originally part of the Gospels, but were added in by scribes way after the Gospels were written. That is a fact, not a theory…There’s so much more I could say about this subject, but I don’t feel like writing an essay.

    • Thank you Anthony Griffin. I wonder if you have watched the entire video if you are raising the ending of Mark, as this is discussed in the video. (And is not a particularly unknown feature of the Gospels)

      There is a mixture of fact and conjecture in the arguments you have presented here. A discussion could be had on many of the things you raise – from the expectation of finding an original “autograph” (rather than copies by scribes) and the implication that this somehow diminishes the authenticity of the gospel accounts.

      The span of time you mention (40 years) is historically and minuscule amount of time as it remains within the living memory of those who are writing and reading the accounts. The stories would have originally been recounted orally – as is the case in oral language cultures – but this oral tradition need not be equated with inaccuracy. As we come from a culture which is saturated in writing, we tend to have a condescending view of cultures which transmit stories by oral tradition. The accuracy of these accounts – where oral transmission is the core means of remembering events – is well known. In Jewish culture it was not uncommon to have people who had memorised word-for-word the entire Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible)

      I’d like to address the authorship and the document record, but won’t do so here. Glad to see you have a thinking mind and are exploring these issues, but be sure to separate conjecture from evidence.

    • timmydoulos Thanks for the response. I agree, there’s a lot more to be said about this subject, but it would be a burden to do so, through YouTube comments. Lol.

    • Yes Anthony Griffin, Youtube comments are a burdensome way to discuss this. The videos themselves already address the issues of authorship – and present the authorship of the books very well I think.

      Keep looking into the document evidence. While you are correct that there isn’t a full surviving manuscript of the NT until about 300 CE, there is an abundant source of fragments which give much evidence for the accuracy of the scribal process (which is why the ending of Mark is in question – the earliest documents do not have the longer ending)

      We will probably not come the same conclusion regarding the reliability of the NT text, however there is good evidence to believe in the accuracy of the record contained there.


  2. How do you really know Mark intended a particular design? Your interpretation doesn’t really prove intent but it does contribute towards understanding the structure and content of the gospel.

  3. How did apostle Mark know about that roman soldier’s uttered words that Jesus Christ is the king? Maybe aposotle Paul was at the back of that roman soldier.

    • Bagnas Bayabas You got to understand that the Bible was written by men of God. Men that were inspired by God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit. Hope that helps out a bit. (:

  4. Your poster says something that is not true.
    Mark 16:9-20 is attested in ancient manuscripts, not just later manuscripts. Codex A has these verses. Codex D supports their inclusion too. Codex W has them too. Codex C has them. And, before any of the extant copies of Mark were made, Irenaeus quoted Mark 16:9-20 as part of Mark’s account, in the 180’s (in Book 3 of Against Heresies).

    Fortunately with today’s technology it will be easy for you to fix your poster — and I expect that you, as ethical people who do not want to spread false statements, will do that quickly, before your shallow scholarship is exposed even more than it already is. (But overall, I like your work very much! Don’t feel bad; many other people, relying on outdated resources, have made the same mistake.)

  5. That footnote is incorrect. The end was not added but taken away. The king James had it but all other bibles that were from the Alexandria text which was a christian cult took that ending out. on later alexsandrian texts they tried to put it back in but said it was added later. Yes it was to their bibles but not the king James. Come on dwellers you should know this

  6. I am not religious (or consider myself a Christian, I am more of an Atheist or Agnostic) but this video (and it’s style) had gotten me interested in stories about the bible. Y’know, I like it because it feel cultural and all that.

  7. god bless u brothers…u have been doing a really really good and great job… helps a lot to understand the bible…you r making the bible study very easy… god bless you

  8. My friends.. Jesus Christ is the son of god, he died a ransom for our sins, there are other gospels by disciples testifying for Jesus saying they saw him in his ressurection through Jesus Christ in spirit, his disciples spread the word living for Jesus and even died brutal deaths because they believed he is the son of god and saw him in spirit and were guided by the Holy Spirit to testify for Jesus. Do not be deceived he is the creator we should serve, the beginning and the end. Why we have life and are able to breathe serve Jesus Christ our lord and saviour and deliver yourself from lies and sins amen

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