The Ark of the Covenant has been found… but how did it get to the place where it is today? Why has it not been removed from its current location and taken to the Israel Department of Antiquities? What is the mechanism whereby the Ark could be secreted away from Solomon’s Temple during the siege of Nebuzaradan? Why was the entire Temple pre-fabricated off site and various groups brought in to assemble their particular pieces. Why were the capitals on top of the columns (Yachin and Boaz) five cubits when they were built, then three cubits after the Babylonian siege, and then finally five cubits when the capitals were scrapped for their brass? Now you will know the things spoken of behind the closed doors of the founders of the Temple Treasures Institute in Jerusalem…

Join Michael Rood for this week’s Shabbat Night Live as he presents the fifth episode in "The Ark of the Covenant” series – "The Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple"

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