The Greatest Health Message

Please share this message. The greatest doctor in the world is our Creator and he can heal all things!

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7 thoughts on “The Greatest Health Message

  1. I agree with the majority of what you say here, particularly we need to learn and keep the commandments, and especially as the Messiah has taught us, and that we should learn to eat healthy (a lot food is beginning or rather continuing to increase to taste incredibly unwholesome these days).

    but that said I would differentiate with the possible idea or implication that if someone is sick that ultimately reflects their lack of sincerity or genuineness with God. Now firstly let me say this, I am not proud nor confident of myself (before God), but would not say I am altogether amiss either. However, I am about one of the sickest persons I know, I am always falling sick, my diet is unnaturally good, in fact I’m surprised at how chaste I’ve become. Most of which stems not so much from any great effort or spiritual diligence but because I also tend to show heightened reactions to a lot of impure substances to begin with. So by and large I am basically ‘clean’ by default.

    nonetheless I tend to fall sick on a weekly or two or more times a week basis, in other words my illnesses fluctuate approximately 70% of the time.

    I could definitely be a better person, I am striving and directing myself to those ends, but all the same I would not casually conflate my imperfections with ongoing illness either. On the other hand, I will say this as well, since having learned to better focus and direct my life toward the ways of the Torah my health has improved substantially, where before I would be shivering in bed if not critical by now, my health is vastly better, nonetheless I am still falling ill on a perpetual basis, which greatly limits my ability and activities.

    there is more to this picture than how rightly one lives, if that were solely the case most of the Western world would be incredibly ill ! I understand that may not be the specific message so intended but thought it prudent and even wise to distinguish those ideas, as I’ve heard some mention such ideas in just such a way before, which is quite perilous in itself. As that was the same mentality that many of the Jews of Jesus’ time expressed in their condemnations and judgements of the lame, blind and sick (and by extension even the poor).

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