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Part 41 of The Heart of the Matter continues exploring the Gospel of Matthew for the understanding of what the scriptures wants to show us about our hearts. Rabbi Steve Berkson begins this teaching in Matthew chapter 11 and reveals the ‘Language of
Discipleship’ as Yeshua implored his followers to “take his yoke” upon them. Other topics covered are, those who are ‘prideful in their humility’, ‘judgment vs judging’ and much more. Also, Rabbi Berkson gives an extensive exegesis about Yeshua’s parable of the
Sower and the Seed in Matthew chapter 13. Don’t miss this teaching.

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2 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter – Part 41 – Matthew

  1. Thank you rabbi for another fantastic teaching. I listen all day to your podcasts. I thank the lord for leading me to your ministry. I have been learning so much from you. Great teacher!!

  2. Very good teaching, By the way, your version is so identical with my version which is called “HalleluYah Scriptures”

    YHWH bless you , I wish there is more Torah observant pastors, I was looking long time to listen someone like you. Never liked saying that Torah is done away.

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