Rabbi Steve Berkson moves us into chapter 2 of the letter that the Apostle Paul wrote to the faithful in Rome (Romans 2). In part 47 of The Heart of the Matter Rabbi Steve hopes to give clarity to these passages that are typically taken out of context and misunderstood.
The theme in Romans chapter 2 that we will see is ‘righteousness verses unrighteousness’ and how we are judged as being one or the other. We will also see the terms ‘circumcision’ and ‘uncircumcision’ and how they could be interpreted as those who are born into the covenant through the bloodline (Jews) and those who choose to enter into covenant but are not of the bloodline (Greeks, or everyone else).
We will see that the Apostle Paul actually taught ‘Torah Observance’ (Rom 2:13) and how the heart being filled with faith and love for the Creator seeks to please Him by doing the “good works” – faith-based works.
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2 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter – Part 47 – Romans

  1. Brilliant! We hardly ever hear the teachings of Paul given with such truth and clarity. Looking forward to the next one brother. Yah bless you and yours.

  2. Such a wonderful sermon full of the essentials for our salvation. Too often avoided at the pulpit is what constitutes the Christian FAITH and most Christians today seem to lack the understanding and the necessity of our Godly Faith – ONE FAITH – being of the Godly mind that governs our entire being (conduct, attitudes, morals, commitment, mindfulness (thoughts), etc). Praise be… to all with an ear, may God let them hear! Amen.

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