There’s more ‘heart’ to be discovered in the letter to the Romans as Rabbi Steve Berkson continues in chapters 8 and 10, breaking down verse by verse what the apostle Paul was communicating to the set-apart ones living in Rome at that time. Through Rabbi Steve’s teaching we find that Paul was not teaching against Torah observance, but rather, by living according to the Torah we become pleasing to the Father, who has adopted those who are obedient and has made them heirs to the riches that cannot be compared to anything in this present world.
Can you be led by the Spirit of Elohim through those who are anointed and appointed leaders and teachers?
Will you argue or will you do whatever you’re instructed to do; even if you don’t understand now?
How do you ‘vet’ or choose those to whom you should be listening?
What will we be doing for a thousand years in the Father’s kingdom?
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2 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter – Part 49 – Romans

  1. Thank you Rabbi Steve. Your videos have helped me to know I am not alone
    and I am not stupid and ignorant. that’s what they call me because of
    my faith. I love YHWH and his wonderful Torah! thanks for the good

  2. So thankful for these videos, I get more out of each one every Time I listen to them. and that I was included in the late night discussions. Can’t wait for Pesach

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