Many feel that the book of Hebrews is too difficult to understand. Biblical scholars debate and are unsure as to who is the author of this significant letter to the chosen people of the Creator. What exactly do you know about Messiah Yeshua? Have you “closely considered” Him and what it is that He accomplished in His first coming? What is the sure sign that you’ve discovered a true teacher/instructor for your walk? Why is the little word ‘if’ so significant? What is ‘rebellion’ and why is understanding it so important to us? Have you ever wondered about the term “deceivableness of sin”? Did you even know that term existed? How are you at ‘role-playing”?
In this lesson, Rabbi Steve Berkson takes us to chapter three as he gives us perspective as to what was going on with our First-Century brothers and sisters at the time this letter was written and starts us on this leg of our journey in understanding The Heart of the Matter.
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3 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter – Part 61 – Hebrews

  1. There is no one else I have found that I agree with more (not that I’m not wrong about some things). Moreso, there is no one else I have found that introduced as many things to me for consideration that I have never even considered. One of the absolute best “teachers” on the internet for certain. Thank you.

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