In this the final teaching of The Heart of the Matter series, Rabbi Steve Berkson brings a dynamic conclusion by wonderfully tying together all 64 parts. In this teaching Rabbi Steve goes through Ya’akov (James) 4 examining what this teacher/leader of the twelve tribes of Israel felt was critical to their individual growth and the growth of the Body of Messiah.
What is the “wants/needs disconnect”? What is the first step in submitting to Yahweh and His anointed/appointed ones? Because Yeshua said there is no one ‘good’ except The Father, should we use the term ‘good’, ever? How does that relate to “call no man Rabbi” or “father”?
When applying the scripture to our lives there are two questions to ask ourselves, “What does this look like?” and “Am I actually doing it?”
What does it mean to love Him with all your heart? What does it mean to lay the Word up in your heart? What does it mean to be tested to prove what is in your heart? What does it mean to serve Him with all your heart?
This teaching is one you will want to revisit again and again, because if the heart is right, you’ll want to figure out the rest of it. The heart is the center point of everything you do.
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One thought on “The Heart of the Matter – Part 64 – The Conclusion

  1. Thank you Rabbi Steve for explaining the whole context about Rabbi/Father issue. Yah bless you. FYI…I am almost done with watching all 64 parts, just a handful to go. You have helped me in understanding tye heart of the matter on my Walk with El. Day by Day, Little by Little, Abba purifies my heart more and more and i rejoice in His Hand of discipline upon me.

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