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Here is the book review of Guardian Angel by Daniel Botikin

Here is the article written by the author of this article about what it means to be a helpmate.


25 thoughts on “The Heresy of Skip Moen and his book Guardian Angel

    • Much love sister laura. I apologize, I need to bring this to your attention though. Did you know the heart symbol was originally created by pagans, and it was drawn upside down to represent testicles?

  1. We women must submit to our husbands and if single as I am, then humbly submit to God as your husband. Yah created MEN to lead!

  2. Thank you Paul. If it was only that easy , pride destroys a marriage unfortunately. We as men must stand strong but with patience. I myself was disrespectful to the word. So I pray as I learn to fallow him. That my wife will fall in place one day Whatever the out come it will be YHAs will ! Praise Yha!!

  3. Have you ever noticed that the serpent was cursed for deceiving Eve?
    And Eve was cursed for being deceived?
    But Adam was cursed for listening to his wife?

    There’s a lesson there.
    Also, when getting this verse realized that when Yahweh first says about eating any fruit, except the tree of knowledge of good and evil, He tells Adam.
    Then He creates Eve.
    Does He tell her directly or does Adam tell her, so that not only was she disobeying Yahweh, she was disobeying Adam?

    14 So Yahweh Elohim said to the snake, “Because you have done this,

    You are cursed more than all the wild or domestic animals.
    You will crawl on your belly.
    You will be the lowest of animals as long as you live.
    15 I will make you and the woman hostile toward each other.
    I will make your descendants
    and her descendant hostile toward each other.
    He will crush your head,
    and you will bruise his heel.”

    16 He said to the woman,

    “I will increase your pain and your labor
    when you give birth to children.
    Yet, you will long for your husband,
    and he will rule you.”

    17 Then he said to the man, “ *_You listened to your wife_* and ate fruit from the tree, although I commanded you, ‘You must never eat its fruit.’

    The ground is cursed because of you.
    Through hard work you will eat food that comes from it
    every day of your life.
    18 The ground will grow thorns and thistles for you,
    and you will eat wild plants.
    19 By the sweat of your brow, you will produce food to eat
    until you return to the ground,
    because you were taken from it.
    You are dust, and you will return to dust.”

  4. I understand the proper roles of men & women, but only because I was taught correctly. And, on top of that, I was taught by a father who embodied what men should be in action. I can understand how it could be difficult to square if you’ve never been exposed to genuinely strong & virtuous men.

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on young men coming to understand their roles, men’s responsibility in possessing a help mate, men of whom women should steer clear, and what being submissive does not mean.

  5. The sad part about it, is that many men are allowing their wives to be the boss and have no problem with it. My late husband was always the boss. He had the last word and made all decisions. Even when I thought he was wrong I let him be the leader and make the final decision.

  6. There’s a third type of couple that believes they were not joined together by Yah, but by the lust of the flesh accept it, move on even remarry the one Yah does intend for them.
    We know all things work together for his own purpose, and we give praise and thanks to him for all things good or bad as a lesson, chastisement, or purpose although we may not always know the purpose ourselves, but see purpose as we mature and grow in faith.
     There are also others that are so angry about divorce and not being able to get past it because of the words spoken, they can’t see the answer for the questions, the guilt or the condemnation to live in peace as Yah intended through our Messiah. it’s not always the wifes fault it takes two to mess up. Ephesians 5;21-6:4

  7. Eph. 5: 21 Submitting yourselves one to another in fear of God (and the two become one flesh…or not)… you don’t do things for the sake of children or the relationship, you do for yourself to follow Messiah sake whom was never married, probably for good reason.
     I thought you were going to say the book title was “Me, Myself and I” you should read that one if you want to see some “stuff”
    Women have more power than they know, even men don’t understand it, but when we submit ourselves to the Father we only begin to understand the power we all have.
    Proverbs 14: A scorner seeketh wisdom and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.
    Your scorn for you wife is so clear.
     Please stop using your marriage as a teacher to men or women. We only get to hear one side, we have no real idea why you two broke up, that’s for you to figure out with prayer and submitting yourself to Yah. Not for us to hear gossip or to spread it which you yourself are doing.
    Please stop for your own sake as well as ours. Your guilt for not being patient for the woman that suited you is not for us but for you to understand. You are using your audience as a scapegoat.

  8. Wow Jezebel spirit absolute we came from man man did not come from us . I am unmarried never been but I see Yeshua as my husband. Coul you imagine me setting boundaries for Yeshua ? God forbid. Yikes that a scary book.

  9. I’m glad your exposing this Book “Guardian Angel”, women were designed to help the man as far as physically helping him and encouraging him when he is down, but she was not given authority by God to be his leader or be the boss, that’s contrary to what the Bible says.

  10. I guarantee you that Skip doesn’t let his wife guide his marriage! His analysis of Adam and Eve is directly contrary to the apostle Paul’s teachings in the New Testament!

  11. All of these things Skip says a wife “should” be to her husband is exactly the role of the Holy Spirit in a husband’s (and wife’s) life. I used to be a feminist (I didn’t realize I was) as a young wife and it wasn’t until Father rebuked me one night and revealed to me that I was trying to be the Holy Spirit to my husband and in fact, I was blocking the work of the Father in my husband’s life. I had to humble myself and apologize to my husband. It was the only time I ever saw my strong husband cry. Since, I have learned and am still learning biblical submission to my husband and Yahweh. 23 years of marriage and in love! Our marriage has been strengthened beyond everything I ever imagined when I got out of the way. My husband now trusts me and asked for my opinions on just about every issue and I don’t push for him to do what I want. I thank the Father for correcting me and saving our marriage many years ago.

  12. Also, us men need to realize, we only deserve to have a woman that will submit to us, as long as we fully submit to ABBA, Yahwah, and follow ALL His commands.

  13. When I first started to be submissive my husband became so angry. He is not a believer. I started wanting to become set apart form this world and he hates me for it. I truly thought my decision to follow the set apart ways was gonna cost me marriage. But I never gave up on Yah. I prayed and kept serving no matter what he through at me. And just recently there has been a change in him. And I can’t tell he not only accepts it but he likes it:) I will hold tight to Yahs promises and know if I serve him he will provide for me. I pray that more women will step away from the world and serve their husbands and not the world.

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