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An animated walkthrough of the Biblical Theme: "The Image of God"

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About the authors:

Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary.

Jon Collins is a founder of Epipheo and Sincerely Truman and a veteran explainer video producer.


28 thoughts on “The Image of God

    • Larninge Throisy, the Old Testament has parts of the Torah written in it. Namely, the law books Of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Secondly the Romans didn’t write the New Testament. Jesus disciples did and they were either Greek or Hebrew. The Hebrew disciples are Matthew, Luke, John, and Paul for sure.

    • Larninge Throisy Your creativity of using contents completely out of context and making them your own version is honestly amazing! It’s cool you spent so much of your time commenting it on a YouTube comment section. Either that or you copied this from somewhere. With your abilities I think you can be a good movie director or something, it will be a waste not to use that creative / copycat talents

    • Jesus is My King
      May God bless you always. And don’t look from your own point of view but His. For there will be many atheists thinking that they aren’t been deceived but they do.

    • Well thanks to you I understand everything about Christianity, you have opened my eyes brother. I choose to be an atheist now. You can’t even properly answer my simple question, what if I ask much more critical questions. I can see Christians cannot move out of their comfort zone to accept something out of the Bible. Thank you. Send my regards to your God Jesus, and if He is not, don’t say I never warn you.

    • Suresh Sylar
      So you choose to be an atheist? Well, it’s your choice not mine. For your ears are itching from the truth. Jesus is my God.
      I want you to know, being an atheist is as dumb as believing that everything came out from COMPLETELY NOTHING, they actually believe it did.

    • The truly dumb part is to believe the universe is created in 6 days where there is prove of the earth being millions of years old. The Bible also never explain how the universe, galaxies and planets were created, when there are prove of its existence as well. Bible accepts bats are birds, which is stupid. Bible also promote slavery, both old and new testament, promoted by Jesus as well. The Bible could not prove the existence of Jesus physically, there are physical prove of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from their tomb, but no prove of Jesus, which is also the very first Zombie in the Bible.

      Science did not say universe came from nothing, the term nothing in Physics is completely different from your simple definition of nothing.

  1. hey guys, I found your channel this morning and I truly think it’s a blessing. it helps me understand the holy word of God on a deeper level. well I just started to know the Lord and understand his word, it would be really nice if y’all make a video on traditional​ Christianity and how somethings have changed over the time, like for example some parts of the Bible say women are unclean when they menstruate and must keep away and baby boys must be circumcised, like I understand that God said all of that back then because God was worried even about their health and since they don’t have medical advancements back then, they had to follow all of that. but now that times have changed and their is so much technology I am confused could you please help me with this and make a comparison video in general about the traditional beliefs and things that can be modified now? and will it be wrong if we modified them? like I have so many doubts about Woman, about eating Bacon, about covering your head in the holy place of worship. could you please help?

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