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The Jezebel spirit is here today

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31 thoughts on “The Jezebel spirit is here today

    • נח Doesn’t that apply more to the length of dress rather than the height of a heel? Because you can wear a 3 inch heel, and wear a floor length dress

    • Dear Sir, I was not trying to rationalize anything 😉 I just didn’t see the context of your reply. I myself wear ankle length dresses, and never/rarely wear heels (I only own one pair of shoes with a slight heel on it) and I was just asking Brother Paul a simple question, to see if i might be wanting to get rid of the pair of shoes I have. I respect Brother Paul, and wanted his thoughts on the height of the “High” heels.
      I hope you have a blessed day 🙂

  1. these things may not be specifically mentioned in scripture but we need to stop acting dumb and utilize common sense as well and stop using that as an excuse.

  2. Shalom yes is true, unfortunately all of us has the spirit of jezebel somewhere, somehow and it also manipulates and controls our lives. I have learned that we have to confess, renounce and remit it. Blessings! Shalom!

  3. Not wearing pants is given in Deut. 22:5. Pants that are “made for women” is nothing more than the world blurring the lines. It’s no more appropriate than if there were dresses “made for men”. And don’t make me go into detail on how UN-modest pants are, ladies. Cover your bodies. Your body is for no one but your husband.

  4. Isaiah 3:16 “Moreover YHWH saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:”

  5. I stopped wearing makeup and nail polishes. I do wear a light lip color, but that’s all. Sometimes not even that. I have replaced my wardrobe with linen or cotton knee- length skirts. Love those materials. Selling all my old cloths online, Poshcloth and using my profits to buy the skirts on that same site. I live in south Louisiana, so not ready for the winter as far as clothes. But, im retired and don’t really get out much. Honestly the jeans were harder to give up than the makeup.

  6. I get what your saying,which has been around before this Jezebel.Just because I dye my hair from gray and add a little color doesn’t mean I’m asking for it nor do I desire Jezebel ways.But yes I get you,the selfies of desire are everywhere.

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