This is it!!! Yes, Bible fans, this is the moment everyone has been talking about in the Christian church – yet few having any idea of the legal prerequisites to the event of which they so cluelessly speak: The Gathering Together (harpadzo in Greek, rapturo in Latin) of the Saints at the second coming of the Messiah (or the first coming of Yeshua as The Messiah – as he came the first time as THE PROPHET that we must "shema" (hear and obey)). Do not miss this event (either this teaching on Shabbat Night Live – or the actual "Last Trump" resurrection of those in Messiah).

Call your friends, enemies, pastors, teachers, commanding officers, moms and dads and tell them: "Tonight, on A Rood Awakening's Shabbat Night Live, we will find out exactly WHEN the rapture occurs!" – that ought to get their attention. With all the non-sense talk about the rapture happening at the time of the upcoming lunar eclipses, this will again set the record straight that there will be NO PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE and when the "rapture" does transpire, it will not be a secret to anyone except the members of the Dead Atheists Society awaiting the "Resurrection of the Unjust".

This SNL will be, as all future episodes, FAMILY FRIENDLY – I will not be telling either Obama, the Congress, or the Pope "where to go". Or perhaps I will opt to use either the Hebrew or Greek words so that those without a seminary diploma or an analytical concordance of the original languages will not be able to decipher my decidedly de-escalated tirades against the perversions, abominations, and compromises of Post Christian America.

I love you all. Hugs and kisses, Michael Rood

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