I had a conversation with a Christian friend a few nights ago. It didn't go to well. We could not seem to agree on the law versus the will of God. Please check out this video on the topic and share it with anyone you know who is a confessing Christian. 

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20 thoughts on “The Law of God vs. The Will of God

  1. I was raised Catholic (horrible religion of lies, sun god worship), Torah teaches truth and the love of YHWH.
    I came to the knowledge of Torah in 2012 after 30 years of struggling for truth as a Christ follower, I’ve come to dislike the term Christian since most think the law was nailed to the cross … disgusting way to be dicieved into thinking one can sin and please YHWH. Only with Torah, the blood of Yeshua and prayer do I live now for the hope of becoming righteous (without sin). I still struggle to overcome nearly 60 years of false teachings, sin and temptation.
    Paul, what your friend told you is EXACTLY what the Christian church teaches, I know it’s sad, but many will be lost to those lies and there’s little we can do about it other than love them, pray for them and be a faithful witness … I have had hundreds of those conversations with Christians … only 1 came to Torah for all my efforts of getting the to turn to their Bibles.

    • s fetterly I started keeping Torah recently. I’m the only one of my friends and family who try to keep it. I come from a protestant church.

    • That is all true and good what you say here and also what Paul teaches. My background is nearly same as yours.
      Just, to avoid misunderstanding and that they call us legalist we need to always make it clear like Paul does that we are saved by YHWH’s grace, through our faith in the shed precious blood of Yahshua and believing and receiving His sacrifise for us. We like to please and obey the Father because we are grateful that he saved us.

  2. This is what I don’t understand why Christians uphold the “cross” telling people to put faith in the cross when it was a put into Christianity by Constantine…never was described or mentioned in old or new testiment. Faith is to be put in Yahshua not a thing.

  3. If possible I don’t know if I should leave my phone number when I write to you so I could talk to you
    May it’s not save may I could ask my kids how to do it

  4. You I am new at I just got a tablet
    Never had a computer in my life
    But I am not new in
    G-d word’s I keep shabbos and
    G-d commandments
    Looking forward for tomorrow
    I hear the whole thing but you guys
    Can’t see me but I see the fellowship and I enjoy it
    Baruch hashem

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