In this new series, "The Gentiles Shall Know My Name", Michael Rood welcomes Shabbat Night Live favorite Nehemia Gordon. Nehemia is a translator on the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as a researcher deciphering ancient Hebrew manuscripts. (Episode 1 of 5)

In translating scripture, the word "scribe" means "to count". When scribes would finish copying a section of text, they would count every dot, dash, jot and tittle and compare it to the original. If they were one character off in their copied text count, they would recount the text. The precision they executed is mind boggling.

A translation is also an interpretation. But in the original text every letter, dot and dash has to be preserved perfectly. Yeshua said that not one jot and tittle from the Torah will pass away until all is fulfilled. Jesus himself said he had not come to do away with one jot or tittle of the Torah.

The English translation doesn't contain all these little markings, therefore a great deal of meaning is lost to most Americans. Jesus himself said he had not come to do away with one jot or tittle of the law. Are we missing something? Tune in and find out the truth of what is written…not what is said.


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28 thoughts on “The Law of Moses, The Oral Law, or God’s Law (Episode 1 of 5)

  1. I agree with you 100%. Let the Bible interpret the Bible! I do think the “extra” biblical text are worth looking at. The book of Jasher is where the Abraham story comes from.

    • knoxcityusa It appears that the Book of Jasher was like a history book talking about pre flood events up to the Israelites inheriting the promised land. I know it was referenced a few times in scripture. I’ve been reading it and it’s pretty interesting.

  2. I’ve long had a vision that in the end times Jews and Christians would unite. The chemistry between Michael and Nehemia reinforces that idea. They might just be able to pull it off!

  3. In a time of violence and decay the Righteous will step forward to make themselves heard. All of us, who love G-D will be put in situations where we will either become a wonderful example for everyone or a hiss and a cursing. Better to be that flawless example!

  4. I have looked up the meaning of the word “name” and it means “authority” and “character”. We indeed have ‘authority’ in Christ and we are to be in His Character. I have not found a Bible passage that the word ‘authority’ doesn’t fit in where it says ‘name’. I found the meaning in my strong’s and in an old websters dictionary that gives Biblical meanings to words. And I believe this is why God cannot go against His Word as so stated in Ps.138:2. if applying ‘authority’ in place of the word ‘name’. It says this at the end of the psg: for thou hast magnified thy word ABOVE all thy name. KJV version. Which says that He is loyal to His Word above all.

  5. My family is Mormon from the beginning of Mormonism! I left a couple months ago! Everything he is talking about I went through! Lol. I have been told that following Gods law I am being deceived by Satan by not eating pork and wanting to keep Sabbath! I was told I’m going to he’ll by not following the Mormon prophet! I pray Yahova will show my family the truth as he has me!

    • truth chennel YaHoVaH or YeHoVaH or YeHoWaH but in my conclusion one thing strikes me as odd… in the original text I haven’t noticed where the kholem is supported by it being found as a waw double in long form in different places of the text.

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