– Join Michael Rood for the January 16, 2015 episode of Shabbat Night Live: "The Second Reformation — The Restoration of the Hebrew Roots of the Faith – Part 2" Those in the original reformation, those who translated the Bible into their own language, were hunted down, burned at the stake, and had their tongues cut out — millions died for the sake of the Gospel… and we stand on their shoulders.

Martin Luther had 95 arguments against he Roman church and yet they were not the sum total of everything that needed to be addressed regarding this sun-god centered religious system.

However, the Almighty inspired the prophet Jeremiah to write about a revival in the last days — a second reformation, a restoration that would take place in which the Gentiles would cry out in repentance for the abominations that they inherited… this is that reformation.

Join Michael Rood for a restoration of the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith… that all begins with understanding the chronology of Yeshua’s ministry.

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