The Pharisees were known for continually questioning the Messiah. But when he turned the tables on them, and asked a question of his own, he created a dilemma — because they refused to answer.
What was this question? What were the Pharisees so afraid to admit? And why is this question still being debated today?
In this week’s episode of Shabbat Night Live, Michael Rood decodes a complex Messianic prophecy given to David — a prophecy that reveals the truth of the Messiah that both the ancient Pharisees and many believers today still grapple with.
One of the longest standing Biblical questions is finally answered here in The Messiah Dilemma: The Question The Rabbis Were Afraid To Answer. Don’t miss this incredible episode of Shabbat Night Live!


7 thoughts on “The Messiah Dilemma

  1. AMAZING TEACHING!! This has finally put to bed the truth of the deity of our Messiah and Melek Zadik , Yehoshua / YHWH!! Thank you! I pray all Jews and gentiles come to this knowledge of the truth!

    • John Bottone I am still confused. Is Mr. Rood saying that Yeshua is a deity or just given the title of YeHoVaH? YeHoVaH stated that there is only one GOD and no other

  2. I belive is this GOD Yeshua sit on right had of GOD, so apart of GOD sit on right hand which is Yeshua, there only one GOD not two he reveal himself as FATHER, and as the SAVER.

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