32 thoughts on “The Minor Prophets – Behind The Scenes

  1. I love the fact that we can practically savor your love for scriptures and Jesus through these insights.
    I think that is the key element that makes it through into these videos.

  2. would love to work for you guys! any links, opening positions available for illustrator and after effects and cinema 4d artists?

  3. The fact that he knows Hebrew makes me even more confident in these videos. Not that its necessary for ministry…or that everyone who knows the original languages interprets the entire Bible accurately….but it certainly helps!

    • Honestly, I was wondering why these videos on the bible were so good because they take the bible so seriously. Then I found out Tim knew the original languages and went to seminary. Usually people behind projects like these barely know anything about theology (and sometimes the bible itself) it seems. The Bible Project is very refreshing.

  4. this is so inspiring. as a high schooler trying to major in art, it’s amazing to see the bible being illustrated and animated SO beautifully.

  5. i would love to learn animations for Hindu epics and ancient mythology! There are amazing epics and the stories of the Puranas are just mind blowing! keep up the good work guys love your animations!

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