The Miracle Fruit

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17 thoughts on “The Miracle Fruit

    • +Daffy Deb Whats your reason for eating apricot seeds? The miracle fruit technically blocks the receptors of sourness and thereby enhance sweetness. It doesnt delete anything from another food.

    • +Daffy Deb
      A plant based diet in general will do that for you. But eating cooked foods and mostly animal flesh is a good way to promote cancer growth.

  1. i just ran into your videos and i am extremely impressed. do you have any recommendations for hemochromatosis and enlarged prostate disease? I do believe that my husband is suffering from one or the other. he actually has symptoms of both… he was diagnosed about 15 years ago with chromatosis. he now has a hugh abdomen and swollen feet and ankles. extremely concerned. anything you xan tell me i would so so greatly appreciate.

  2. those berries freeze very well and retain their sweet trick even then ,if you eat three or four of them the effect last up to 5=6 hours , really cool little berry , I noticed it suppresses appetite 🙂

  3. where would I find these in the home depot like …. section because I have a speech disfunction and I have severe anxiety…(I get nervous while talking) anyways what section are they in ? Much appreciated 😃

  4. Hi I love your videos..I just purchased a Miracle Fruit Tree..It’s about 2 1/2 feet tall in a 10 in pot..I would like to transplant into a larger container ..Any suggestions on the size and procedure ?? Thank You 🙂

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