The Missing Link to Avoid and Cure Cancer

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8 thoughts on “The Missing Link to Avoid and Cure Cancer

  1. Dr Schandl, what are your success rates (percentage) for the complete remission of stage I, II, III, IV cancers in your patients?

    • +Mangos as Weapons I highly doubt oncologists are “fairly transparent” with anything. This question asks for research of his records to answer and he certainly won’t take the time to do research for an unknown on youtube. Not only that, oncologists tend to be masters of avoidance when it comes to success rates. Why? Because their poisons are rarely successful and that knowledge makes them very uncomfortable and secretive.

    • +Susan O’Leary You’ve clearly never gone through the process of traditional oncology treatments. They are VERY clear, for legal reason, to disclose the success rates of drugs and treatment methods. If they don’t disclose this with their patients it opens them up to malpractice suits. The success rate for any cancer patient is 5 years from time of treatment based upon ACS stats. How difficult is it for Dr Shandl to disclose his success/failure rate? Not hard…

    • +Mangos as Weapons An oncologist MIGHT disclose “success” rates to a paying patient but this guy won’t do it for you on youtube. That’s what I meant. If you were in his office with a checkbook he then might do it. Ok; enough on this.

    • +Mangos as Weapons Dr. Schandl does not treat cancer. His tests are designed to diagnose cancer at a very early stage. The sooner a person starts treating it the better the success rate. Treating cancer with Vitamins at a very early stage has proven to be very successful. For more information on success rates please visit his site.

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