The More Simple Your Food The Healthier You Will Be! This video is about how eating more simple can help our digestion and our health. The raw vegan diet gives our body the most nutrients while using the least amount of waste left over, but if not followed correctly with good food combining it can still cause issues. The best way to eat is as simple as possible. Mono diet means eating one food at a time and that is what I enjoy doing mostly.

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22 thoughts on “The More Simple Your Food The Healthier You Will Be!

  1. Hey, Paul, I think it’ll be awesome if you started wearing that fedora hat more often again. It made you look Jewish and pretty cool with that mighty beard. Shalom!

  2. amein! I made a slow progression from fast & fatty to raw… i watch how many “steps” from field to face, so practically no processed foods. sometimes i “binge” on food! i just can’t get enough of something… like the other day all i ate was bananas! they were so good! (i guess i needed a serotonin boost) I usually munch on leafy greens (spinach, kale or arugula)… WoW what a difference from a few years ago! thank you, Paul! i’ve learned bunches from you

  3. About 10 years ago I read a health message given by a woman named Ellen White who said that God gave her information to stay healthy. This woman was born around the mid 1800s but she taught not to smoke, said we should eat more simply, and said that as the wickedness of men increased that the animal products would become more dangerous and that Gods people would do better to eat plants and discard animal products.

    She taught not to eat food too hot or cold and many other practical pieces of information. One interesting thing she said was not to bake with eggs and sugar together. Ive seen more modern research now that shows this combination creates damage to the aorta. Her message was certainly way ahead of its time relative to where the science was at in her days.

    Im also stunned to see that one of the longest living if not THE longest living groups of people ever medically documented in modern history is the Seventh Day Adventist Christians who follow the health message given by this woman from the 1800s who held a 3rd grade education =). Pretty interesting to say the least. Have you heard of this Woman?

    • Hahaha oh wow thats so cool! =). I keep the Sabbath now too and i learned what the Mark of the Beast is! Her writings have been a big blessing to me in a lot of ways in helping me to understand prophecy.

  4. I hear you Paul! Agreed , worth a share, thank you <3 I have various videos about this and spirituality, much love!

  5. its not just processing NUTRIENTS and *digestion*; its about removing and eliminating what’s not needed or wanted. people always forget this 2nd thing which is essential also. We dont want toxic, or heavy sticky, hard to remove residue from “food”.

  6. Excellent video – clean, simple and pure.  I appreciate you Paul – your energy and passion is delivered and received.

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