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The Morning Water Cure

Water is essential for good health. We need to make sure we get the right type and right amount of water for our health. The time we drink our water is also very important. In this video I talk about the best and worst time to drink water.


29 thoughts on “The Morning Water Cure

  1. I always start my day with 32 oz of water and it feels great 🙂 Thanks for all the information on water! God Bless you and your family <3

    • I usually enjoy exercising in the morning when I wake up so that makes it easier because I am drinking the water during my morning exercise. 

  2. For me the older I get the more often I need to get up and use the restroom. At 64 I get up 2 to 3 times without drinking anything. I don’t turn on the light and go back to sleep with no problem. 💤

  3. Not to bombard u with questions lol but, my girlfriend has an issue with drinking water actually… everytime she drinks water she gets an upset stomach and quite sick feeling. Any ideas to why this may be happening??

  4. ok what about the fluoride? you should mention what water is best and has the highest alkalinity. just drinking any water doesn’t mean its good for you if its acidic

  5. Great Info. I really appreciated it. I came across you video while searching for Japanese Water Therapy to prevent developing Diabetes and high Blood pressure, and reducing fat and stay healthy.

    Should I be drinking cold water or warm water?

    I usually drink Hot (black) tea or Coffee with breakfast, Green tea immediately after Lunch and Hot (black) tea after dinner.

    Should i limit my intake of Hot (Black) Tea, Green tea, Coffee and Soda? Can these be consider as liquid substitute of water?

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