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This is a follow-up video from a popular guest, an amazing woman, Rosemary Fletcher who spent 11 years confined to a wheelchair and doctors said she will never walk again. Thanks to the raw food diet she went from 305 lbs to 120 lbs and now walks one mile a day. Amazing!!!

**Correction Rosemary has been raw for 5 years, vegetarian for 20 years.

I last interviewed Rosemary in December of 2009. Here is that link:

Many years later, she continues to do great and remains strong. Her website is .


27 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Healing Story Ever!

  1. Wow.  I remember watching your first interview with her.  It was very inspiring for me 3 years ago at the beginning of my raw food journey.  I’m only 25 and saving money, but if i ever had extra money i’d love to attend her retreat.  You rock Rosemary!

  2. I have similar experience of being diagnosed with MS about 20 years ago and have healed it with lifestyle change.  I now, too am raw vegan.  Dennis Anderson

  3. Good for her . My doctors told me diet had nothing to do with cancer . That’s very false . Diets can help or hinder your progress toward natural healing . Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and for not listening to your doctor like I did . ;))

  4. We were NEVER made to eat meat or take medications.  In the beginning there were only fruits and vegetables Our heavenly father Jehovah knew what he was doing. All the nutrients are in our fruits and vegetables for healing any illness I strongly believe. I first hand believe this because it saved my life. I will be 60 years old in January 2015 and I continue to thrive on fruits and vegetables, organic is the best. Rosemary you look great keep up the good work.  If only people would listen and get educated, they would live longer, after all the body was made to live forever.  Thanks for your story keep up the good work..

  5. I’ve lived here in Asheville NC for 3 years. At one time the “typical southerner” ate collards and grits, not spaghetti and meatballs.

  6. Food is chemistry and energetics.  Living foods is alive foods.  Cooked food is dead food.  Fruits have the highest energetic value.  Dairy is toxic to the body.  Meat is purified flesh.

  7. I’m old enough to know not to be impressed by appearances, or by female pulchritude, physical beauty – but I think this might be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

  8. This made me cry as well. I’m going through a painful ordeal myself with arthritis in the back and joints and carpel tunnel in both hands. It’s been about 9 years and I’ve only gotten worse with pain meds. I no longer go to doctors and plan to start alkaline water and raw food diet. This video has confirmed what I know to be true and that is God will give you the wisdom to restore your health. Thank you and God bless

  9. I know I’m not crazy now, for when I saw and heard this woman, I also thought she was a beautiful person and very believable.  She is substantiating what I had been saying since 2003, that there is overwhelming evidence that improper diet for generations brings on chronic diseases.  This disease, according to statistics, is prevalent in Scotland–a heavy fat cuisine–and other Western countries, where highly fat foods, together with loads of sugar and lack of exercise and water are the norm.  I learned here in the Far East, where MS has NOT been diagnosed yet,  that lots of fruit and raw veggies made up the traditional diet for generations.  It was not until Western countries arrived, did East Asians start developing some bad habits in the area of diet.  Rosemary talked about NEWSTART, originated by Seventh-day Adventist on the website she talked about.   The 8 Laws were:
    N – nutrition
    E  – exercise
    W – water
    S  – sunshine
    T  – temperance
    A  – air
    R  – rest
    T  – trust in God (although she claims it is trust in yourself)

    I appreciate the many raw foods I enjoy here in Korea and my vegetarian diet I have advocated for almost 30 years.  I agree with her talking about the stomach, just like people, should not work 7 days a week.  It needs a day of rest.

    • Clarence Hodges, Yes, she is a beautiful person and I wish she would see that although we all need to have a healthy amount of self confidence, it is the Trust in God that those 8 principals of health are advocating. Trust in the Creator Who knows best in which way He created our bodies and what is best for them. Who created our bodies with amazing self-healing qualities and capacity.
      Best wishes for you, Rosemary and Paul!

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