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Back by popular demand, we have on the show the most interesting man in the world, Joel Brody. Joel has been eating a raw food diet for many years and in this video talks about the mistake people are making with eating cooked food, un-organic food and a vegan diet.


21 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Raw Foodist In The World is Back!

  1. Thanks for sharing. I think the source of the buzzing in his head could be due to deficiencies. Pesticides are bad and could be precipitating his problems but they are not the main cause.

  2. Old comment, but still .. Please please please stay away from brown rice. Brown and white rice is a hybrid grain.. Stay away from hybrid plants (wheat, oats..) Replace brown rice with quinoa,.. You can also use spelt, rye, kamut & BLACK rice (wild rice) which is the origanal rice. Also stay away from carrots and potatoes. They are hybrid and full of starch. Look up dr sebi’s nutrional guide. All the best of luck.. Your on the right track though.

  3. Im talking about starch.. the chemical that man uses as a binding agent to make plastics and glue. Also used in food. Your 100% right.. The leafy greens in stores nowadays have very little nutrional value.. Cause the soil its been grown on has very little… But wild weeeds contain 1000x more nutriants than the stuff in the store. And its free! Dandelion greens plus the yellow flower is edible and very nourishing(; Ive been picking them from my garden for the last few days. .

  4. – the more you pick the more than grows.. So its like an endless supply of high nutritional leafy greens. Using wild weeds.. We can eat alot more ( like gorrilas)

  5. What are you talking about man? I never said i eat that much.. Im not even a 100% raw foodist. I eat cooked meals too.. But i keep it alkaline. We dont need to eat as much greens if they are wild because they have high nutrional value. If your nourished then you dont need that much. Like today i had quinoa, mushroom stirfry. Few dandelion flowers, box of dates. Some figs and apples.. Thats all. Compared to some people thats very little (: ha Peace and love.. and watch out for those skies!

  6. Little correction here, the nerve gas was used during the FIRST World War and was later turned into pesticides. After WW2 that development simply continued. The pesticide research produced the hyper deadly nerve toxin VX in the 50s in Great Britain.

  7. i heard when your hair turns white and falls out your body is screaming: “never mind the hair, we have to keep this guy alive!” im trying to be funny , of course and i heard that from a comedian; but, my uncle did die of a heart attack at 52 after his hair turned white. maybe theres something to that although i agree w this vid. why did that other health guru die recently which everyone was so shocked about?

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