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  1. I have a question. I’ve been having extreme anxiety issues that have been escalating over the years and have peaked since I had alcohol withdrawal last spring to the point that it’s constant to some degree (not always panic attacks).

    Here’s the biggest thing, when I have a healthier lifestyle the anxiety escalates dramatically.

    Example : nowadays if I wake up and drink 5+ glasses of water, then eat plenty of fruit to fullness my head feels strained. This happened the other day I had a lot of water to hydrate then ate a pineapple and I felt incredible anxiety. No doctor has been able to help me with this. I also get this after working out sometimes if I do it on a near empty stomach /first thing in the morning.

    Help please I don’t know who to turn to !!

    • +MyOwnStickFigure no absolutely thank you for your reply! Well not particularly, I guess I do tend to have a bit of a sluggish digestive system . and I guess that might coincide with some of the anxiety over previous years, but I don’t think my digestive system and God are any different now than they were before this past spring. before this my anxiety was more of a little hindrance than anything, now it is a total life changer. and kind of like I mentioned with the food a good example is that I was having so much stress and anxiety this past fall at my university after tennis practice. I have been eating primarily raw food for a while and having a very clean diet but it was just the stress in my head so much. So I went to the dining hall and ate a bunch of junk food and it’s almost like a big relief settled in my head and I was just so calm. So there is definitely something in those food that is not in the healthy food that my brain just isn’t creating by itself and I have no clue how to fix this.

      It’s really awful even when I’m not having anxiety my head just feels super cloudy and floaty.

    • Hey sheriff, most likely your adrenals are fried. Research herbs to help with the symptoms. With my experience sugar is never good in excess (even fruit) I was a raw vegan and ate a lot of fruit… And got to the point were I crashed with so much sugar. Eat a lot of greens, try for wild herbs, and I would supplement on raw goat cheese or sustainably caught fish. Do this until you see a holistic doctor who can treat you with your symtoms (blood test, urine, and hair test) I know meat and cheese are so against the raw vegan movement but trust me, I’ve been doing that for 3 years my adrenals are still not healed and I’m very low on certain vitamins and minerals. You need fish and and cheese for some cholesterol

    • +The Sheriff If you are open to some natural single herb tinctures I can recommend a few. Feel free to message me here. I experience anxiety and even with a clean diet other areas of my life that cause stress on my body still trigger it. Holy Basil is one well known herb known for anxiety and inner calmness without harsh side effects. I’d love to help more if I can since I understand! And I do agree with the poster above about adrenal stress, it can cause all sorts of systematic imbalance. 

    • +MyOwnStickFigure +Brandon Hess​ yes I would love to talk to either /both of you! Not sure if there is a direct message feature here but if there is a way to talk to you guys that would be great!

    • aw Slappy, that sounds frustrating – like maybe you see a dynamic you want in your own life, yet are unable to make manifest yet? wondering what part is difficult: sleep vs work a lot and use stimulants, raw foods, high quality foods?

    • Actually, this fella has another video called “The Cost of Food and How to Save Money” that I found helpful in my own journey. Thanks Paul!

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