In this compelling, 5-part series, Michael Rood and Joel Richardson explore new evidence that reinforces the true location of Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia.
This week, in a SPECIAL EDITION fifth and final episode, Joel Richardson and Michael Rood tackle the 1600-year-old myth of Mt. Sinai with undeniable, overwhelming truth from both modern archaeology and the ancient text of the Bible!
Whether you’ve been studying the history of Mt. Sinai for years or you’re looking for truth for the first time, Mirage in Midian is packed full of details that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Check out all the facsinating discoveries on this week’s exciting episode of Shabbat Night Live!


24 thoughts on “The Myth of Mount Sinai – Shabbat Night Live – 11/23/18

  1. Amen. So glad for you and your teachings rabbi. I watch as much as I have time to. Especially when I can’t get down to Beth Israel worship center. That is my home away from home. Blessings to you and yours. Keep up your GOOD WORK. Amen. Shalom

  2. This is just one of the BEST. It also affirms the position I have come to hold on the issue. I have also thought that this location (among other things) has been hidden by the will of Yehovah for the purpose of proving the Bible to our end-time generation. Thank you, Joel and Michael – thank you all at ARA who make education like this possible.

    • YIshis Lassie Paul/Saul revealed it first in one of the Epistles. Problem is no-one really reads their Bible so no-one knew until recently when the site was rediscovered in the 70’s or 80’s.

  3. I started to shudder when I heard about that both Moses and Aaron were not allowed ( were not qualified) to enter the promised land as they have failed to announce the “rock”. I could not believe that Jehovah could not be so strict ( yet he is sovereign and who are we to question his decisions which always prove to be the most suitable and just) with Moses, who found favour of him and who is the eternal patriach to the Jews even today. How seriously do we have to take this whole thing. Why do not we ( I, especially) feel this depth in our faith ? Is it only me who feel that Jehovah would be lenient with me and that I would not be required to be so serious in spreading the truth? Thanks for this wonderful presentation, to both Michael and Joel. May Jehovah richly bless you and you would be empowered to give this wonderful infromation to the whole world,

    • Wijesinghe Gehan The LORD forbade Moses because Moses hit the rock instead of speaking to it and Aaron was forbade because he assented to the building of the Golden Calf.

  4. Truthful, beautiful information, with all the truth out there we need to get this out, to everyone. Thank God for the rocks crying out like never before.

  5. ….YES!…@44:30…Mt Sinai n Mt Horeb r within .03 degrees of either side of same longitudinal line as temple mount. Google maps, type Jebel el Laws, Right click on green point, choose ‘Whats Here?’…35.305 longitude is shown…Google maps again, Jerusalem Fountain of Qayt Bay, Jerusalem…which is Dome of the Spirits on Temple Mt, rt click, whats here?, longitude is 35.234

  6. This might be a basic observation, but the split rock looks a right hand! Could this be yet another reference to the Messiah who sits at the RIGHT HAND of the Father! Maybe so!! Wow!!!

  7. This isn’t new info! Even Saul/Paul said (quite correctly!) That the Mountain of Moses is in Arabia! How could anyone have missed that? Sure he had dubious motives but as a loyal Jew he wouldn’t lie on something like that.

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